Monotree, Seol In-ah’s new collaboration song ‘Because I’m pretty’ released on the 8th

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MonoTree and actress Seol In-ah have united in a refreshing city pop.

The collaboration soundtrack ‘Because You’re Pretty’ sung by Seol In-ah will be released on major music sites at 6 pm on the 8th. In this collaboration, which was organized by the vegan fashion brand Marchen J, actress Seol In-ah, who is working as the brand’s muse, becomes the singer, and Monotree’s leading producer Hwang Hyeon, who participated in the albums of famous K-pop singers, took charge of producing the sound source.

In addition, Sungkyun Yoo of Sunny Visual, who produced music videos for top singers such as Espa, IU, and Oh My Girl, had a music video for ‘Because You Are Pretty,’ and it is expected to provide synergy with the best staff in the music industry.

The official said, “Seol In-ah’s new song ‘Because You’re Pretty’ is a sensual song that presents a special rest to everyone tired of busy daily life. A refreshing chorus session that flows through the melody with Monotripyo city pop music that has established itself as a ‘trust and listen’ producing team for music fans, and the bass and guitar riffs relieve the weight of your heavy steps and give you a wonderful leisure time away from your worries. I plan to do it,” he said.

Seol In-ah, actively working as an actress, is said to have revealed her versatile charms by using her experience as a singer trainee to sing a new song with a pure tone and a romantic voice.

The music video for ‘Because You’re Pretty, released in time for the release of the soundtrack, shows Seol In-ah, who has had a busy day, enjoying a relaxing break in the background of downtown Seoul after work. The visual beauty of the sensuous and sophisticated music video, Seol In-ah’s pictorial graphic, and the refreshing city pop flowing over it harmoniously harmonize, presenting enchanting chemistry.

Monotree, who produced the project soundtrack ‘Because you’re pretty,’ is a K-pop production with talented lyricists and composers such as Hwang Hyeon, G-HIGH, and Lee Joo-Hyung. At the same time, I participated in the albums of famous artists such as Seventeen, SHINee, EXO, Girls’ Generation, Red Velvet, LOONA, ONF, etc.

The project’s new song, ‘Because You’re Pretty,’ will be released on July 8th through various music sites, and the music video will be released on Marchen J’s official YouTube channel.

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