TV Chosun K-POP Audition ‘National Singer’ official poster released

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‘Tomorrow’s National Singer’ has released an ‘official poster’ filled with the passion and excitement of the 111 teams.

TV Chosun Global K-Pop Audition ‘Tomorrow National Singer’ is a huge ‘National Hope Project’ audition that anyone who loves singing and has a craving for the stage can participate in regardless of age, genre, nationality, or gender. The production team of TV Chosun, who was at the center of the audition craze by bursting with explosive topicality with the ‘Mr. Trot’ and ‘Mr. is expected to cause

In this regard, ‘National Singer’ showed for the first time an ‘official poster’ that shows the participants’ enthusiasm, raising the expectations of fans waiting for this contest. The ‘official poster,’ which opens the door to the appearance of ‘national singer,’ contains the overwhelming spectacle of the 111 teams of participants who gathered through the highest level of competition, dressed in suits and received intense spotlights, and lined up on a vast stage. Above all, the participants displayed their unique poses and colorful expressions, radiating different charms, and at the same time showing their passionate passion for the upcoming stage. Regardless of age and gender, as well as region and occupation, the people who unite with only one ‘love of song’ are stimulating curiosity to see what kind of monumental stage they will create.

On the other hand, ‘National Singer’ selected the participants through more meticulous and strict criteria and conditions for over a year. In this regard, on the 15th (Tuesday), when the official profiles of the most elite members with beauty, skills, excitement, and talent were released through the official website of ‘National Singer,’ netizens were hotly contested for past videos and histories of the participants, where the reaction was expressed.

In addition, ‘National Singer’ includes MC Kim Seong-Joo, Kim Beom-soo, Baek Ji-young, K.will, Lee Seok-hoon, Kim Junsu, and the hawk-eyed master’s Park Seon-Joo and Yoon Myeong-sun, Boom-Lee Chan-won-Shinji-Jang Young-ran-Shin Bong-seon-Oh My Girl Hyojeong The super-strong master corps is scrambled to re-illuminate K-pop through a new perspective that has never been seen before. As the birth of a new K-pop star who will rule the world like this enters the countdown,

The production team said, “As the 111 teams who made it through the intense preliminaries gathered for the first time, the scene was filled with the heat they radiated.” “The ambition of the preliminary ‘national singers’ Please look forward to the cold stage.”

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