‘Music Bank’ DKZ, colourful ‘Love Thief’ Six playful cupids

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Boy group DKZ (DKZ) lit ‘Music Bank’ with a colourful stage.

DKZ (Kyungyun, Sehyun, Mingyu, Jae-chan, Jonghyun, Kiseok) appeared on KBS2’s ‘Music Bank’, broadcast at 5 pm on the 15th, and staged the new song ‘Cupid’.

On this day, DKZ made the fans’ hearts flutter with a vivid and intense casual look and performed a performance full of energy to match the bright melody.

In particular, the six DKZ members excelled in the concept of ‘boys who know how to play with a playful expression and showed solid skills by offering a simple yet powerful dance line.

Captivating fans with their refreshing visuals, DKZ boasted a unique tone, adding to the excitement of listening, and at the same time, finished the stage with an ending pose that stood out for each individual’s charm.

DKZ’s ‘Love Thief’, which stimulated spring emotions, tells the story of six boys who fell in love after being shot by an arrow by Cupid. It shows successful steps such as decorating the cover of Rising (K-Pop Rising).

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