‘Meet dance in the forest’ Jang Moon-won ‘2022 Gesture Art Camp.’

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The Cultural Arts Promotion and Development Institute for the Disabled (Chairman Moon-won Jang, Professor Emeritus Professor Yoon Deok-Kyung of Seowon University) holds special events twice a year, such as seminars and performances. Due to Corona, the offline event last year and last year was not possible, but this year it is regaining the vigor of the previous war.

The ‘2022 Gesture Art Enjoyment Camp with Nature’ held at Dobong Forest Village in Seoul from June 8-9 is the starting point. On the second day of the event, which lasted for two days, a heated discussion followed at the symposium’ Voices from the field, a perspective on culture and art for the disabled’.

At this event, gesture presentations and invitation performances such as Arirang Song, Bangataryeong, Let’s Together and Enjoy, Zhanggang Dance, Janggeom Dance, Blue Grass, Jindo Drum Dance, and K-Pop Dance with One Heart were held together.

This year’s event hosted by the Cultural Arts Promotion and Development Institute for the Disabled (Chairman Moon-won Jang, Chairman Yoon Deok-Kyung, Professor Emeritus of Seowon University) was attended by about 100 people, including disabled youths from unique classes, graduates, parents, outsiders, director Jang Moon-won, and Beyond Dance Company.

Then, in the ‘Presentation of Beautiful Gestures,’ parents and guests invited to the camp participated in the invitational performances, the Beyond Dance Company performance, and the camp-related discussions. In the last sequence, the ‘2022 Symposium, Voices from the Field, Perspectives on Culture and Art for the Disabled’, external guests and experts with disabilities discussed art policies and alternatives for the disabled, such as culture, arts, education, and dance.

This event is hosted by the Culture and Arts Development Institute for the Disabled, Jang Moon-won Sponsorship Association, Yoon Deok-Kyung Dance Company, and Beyond Dance Company, and is hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korea Cultural Arts Center for the Disabled, Songseok Welfare Foundation, and the Korean Federation of Disabled People’s Organizations. etc. were sponsored.

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