New Jeans, ‘Han Dae Eum’ wins three crowns. ‘The K-pop paradigm has changed.’

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The group NewJeans won three crowns at the ’20th Korean Popular Music Awards’, again proving they are a trend.

On the afternoon of the 5th, the ‘Korean Popular Music Award selection committee (chaired by Professor Kim Chang-nam of Sungkonghoe University) announced and awarded winners in 26 categories through the official YouTube channel.

New Jeans (Minji, Hani, Daniel, Harin, Hyein) enjoyed being selected as ‘Rookie of the Year,’ a broad category, at this ceremony. In addition, in the genre category, ‘Best K-Pop Album (debut album ‘New Jeans’)’ and ‘Best K-Pop Song (Attention)’ was selected, winning three awards.

Lee Jae-Eun, a member of the Korean Popular Music Awards selection committee, said, “It is not unreasonable to call 2022 the year of New Jeans. I have,” he said.

“The K-pop industry was finally aroused by the appearance of New Jeans in contents that were filled without any gaps and sometimes made you feel tired while consuming,” he said. Good music, content, and visuals have captured the eyes and ears of many people.”

Critic Kim said, “Was there any other team in the history of girl groups that rose to the top as quickly as this? There is none.” And even the method of publicity.

They brought in talents outside the idol market and presented a concept that had never been seen before. With this, New Jeans went beyond a simple girl group generation change and changed the paradigm of K-pop.”

The popularity of New Jeans is spreading beyond Korea and around the world. Even though the group has yet to have overseas activities, they have established themselves as global rising stars by placing two songs (Ditto and OMG) on the US Billboard’s main singles chart, ‘Hot 100’, within six months of their debut.

New Jeans swept 13 trophies at major awards ceremonies in 2022, including the ’20th Korean Popular Music Awards’. ‘2022 The Fact Music Awards’ (Rookie Award), ‘Melon Music Award 2022’ (Top 10 Bonsang/Rookie Award), ‘2022 Asian Artist Awards’ (Daesang Performance/Rookie of the Year), ’37th Golden Disc Awards’ (Digital Music Bonsang/Rookie Award), ’32nd Seoul Music Awards’ (Rookie Award), ’30th Anniversary Hanteo Music Awards 2022′ (Rookie of the Year Award), and ‘Circle Chart Music Awards 2022’ (Rookie of the Year), virtually South Korea They swept all the rookie awards at major awards ceremonies representing the group.

The ‘Korean Popular Music Awards,’ marked the end, is an awards ceremony focusing on musical achievement rather than popularity and sales volume. The selection criteria are very strict. A selection committee of 54 experts, including critics, famous music journalists, and academics, selected the winners for albums and sound sources released between December 1, 2021, and November 30, 2022.

Meanwhile, New Jeans is the first girl group produced by Min Hee-jin, CEO of Ador, and debuted in July of last year. From ‘Attention’ and ‘Hype boy’ to ‘Ditto’ and ‘OMG,’ each song they release is reaping dazzling results.

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