New song ‘Purple’ by woo!ah! My Music’s K-pop MV for 4 weeks in a row

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The management company NV Entertainment announced on June 22 that the MV “Purple” by girl group woo! ah! 1 month topping the K-pop MV chart of Vietnam’s most extensive music site “My Music” (NCT). “Purple” is the title track from the third single, “WISH,” released on May 27.

According to the chart announced by NCT ​​on June 21, the music video for “Purple” by woo! Ah! has been at the top of the K-pop MV chart for four weeks in a row since first hitting the chart at No. 1 for the 21st week, showing the heat of woo! Ah! in the Vietnamese market. In particular, this achievement of woo! Ah! Surpassed a series of hit K-pop girl groups such as rookie group aespa, ITZY.

NCT is Vietnam’s largest online music platform, accounting for 40% of the music streaming market share in this Southeast Asian country. Since the end of last year, the group woos! Ah! Showed outstanding achievements on NCT’s K-pop MV chart.

The second single’s title track, “BAD GIRL,” was woo! Ah! Released in November last year, it reached the Top 10 for 20 consecutive weeks, including 12 straight weeks at No. 1 on NCT’s K-pop MV chart. Not to mention that this achievement was achieved in the context of the prolonged COVID-19 epidemic hindering woo! Ah’s face-to-face activities! In the past.

NV Entertainment’s representative thanked Vietnamese fans for giving woo! Ah, a lot of love! And said that he would make more efforts to continue promoting the group’s image in the world.

According to the chart forecast news posted by Billboard (USA) on June 20 (local time), girl group Twice’s 10th mini-album titled “Taste of Love” has entered the chart and ranked “Billboard 200” at number 6 (week of June 26).

Along with “Hot 100”, “Billboard 200” is one of Billboard’s two main charts, calculated based on the streaming and downloads of a new album.

In the past week, the album “Taste of Love” has sold 46,000 copies. 6th place on “Billboard 200” is also Twice’s highest achievement ever.

Early last year, Twice signed a cooperation contract with Republic Records, a record label under the world’s largest music company Universal Music, accelerating the North American market’s pace.

Since then, Twice has continuously shown growth. The mini-album nine released last year has first entered the “Billboard 200” chart at number 200. The second full album released at the end of 2020 titled “Eyes wide open” is also ranked at number 72 on “Billboard 200”. . And this time, the group “jumped” 66 places to reach 6th place in this chart.

Thus, Twice is the second K-pop girl group to enter the Top 10 “Billboard 200”, after BLACKPINK’s album “THE ALBUM” was released last year.

Recently, Twice brought the song “Alcohol-Free” to the stage of NBC’s talk show “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” for the first time, showing the group’s dynamic activities in the US.

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