SHINee’s Onew ranks 1st in ‘The Most Anticipated Comeback’ by K-Pop Fans around the World

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In the fierce comeback battle, fans around the world chose SHINee Onew.

Onew, a member of the group SHINee, ranked first on the Fan2 Global Fans’ list of ‘The Most Anticipated Comeback in April and May’. Immediately after the release of the second mini-album ‘DICE’ on the 11th, it was news that catches the attention of fans after it ranked first in 40 regions around the world on iTunes.

Fans, who have been waiting for Onew’s comeback, continued to relay their opinions and support for the new album, such as a sense of title to the included songs’, ‘a feeling of freshness like cherry blossoms blooming in your ears’, and ‘genius of tone in your eardrums’ along with voting certification.

Global fans’ enthusiasm for DKZ and Lim Young-Woong, who took 2nd and 3rd place respectively after Onew, is hot. DKG fans, who released their first single after recruiting new members, introduced the group and their music to the Fan2 community and asked for support. Lim Young-Woong fans also did not hide their expectations for Lim Young-Woong, who announced a concert and a new album in May.

A promotional video for the award-winning artist’s new song is broadcast on a giant outdoor billboard in Yeouido Marina, Seoul, to commemorate the comeback that fans have been waiting for the most. Onew’s new song ‘DICE’ and D-Cage’s ‘Love Thief’ will be available for 30 days and 20 days, respectively, from today (14th), and Lim Young-Woong’s commemorative video will be available for ten days to match the release time of the new song.

Onew’s ‘DICE’ activities are expected to be displayed in the Shinchon U-plex underground passage afterwards, raising expectations from fans.

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