It does target K-pop fans-Meer Nash.

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JOLOKAN Oppa Malay, which he won when he participated in the I Can See Your Voice Malaysia (ICSYVMY) program last year, opened more space and opportunities in the singing career of the man named Meer Nash.

Not only in terms of appearance, but Meer Nash also took advantage of the title when taming the field of song creation after producing a single titled Saranghae with the concept of K-pop music.

For the owner of the real name, Muhamad Shahmeer Mohd. Natural, Saranghae published by Universal Music Malaysia, is his first bet to become a serious composer and lyricist.

Saranghae’s production indirectly became a valuable experience for himself and his career because everything he had been interested in and wanted so far had been documented into a manuscript.

“This Saranghae song is my work. If you include this song, it is not my first song.

“Before this, I had written a few songs, but not good enough to be featured.

“However, when I wrote this song (Saranghae), I was satisfied and said the song could be commercialized,” shared the 26 -year-old singer.

Iras Jimin BTS?

Deciding to bring in the K-pop music genre, Meer Nash is quite aware of the possible risk of getting criticism or facing significant criticism among fans of the music in Malaysia.

However, the Penang -born is determined to risk such music and is ready to be open-minded if that is the situation to be faced.

“I know in Malaysia there are extreme K-pop fans. But I am ready to accept criticism.

“If you follow me, in the beginning, I was criticized; my face was like the footprints of Jimin (one of the BTS members),” he said.

Yet, at the same time, Meer Nash does not deny that criticism can make him lose self-confidence.

Even so, he has to be vital to face such criticism after deciding to become an artist.

At the same time, Meer Nash disagrees with the allegations of some quarters who say his face resembles Jimin.

Yet, if viewed from the aspect of height and age, he bears a resemblance to the group singer that is sparking the worldwide phenomenon.

“Some people say that my face looks like Jimin’s. But I don’t think our faces are the same. Yet, we have the same height of 174 centimeters.

“Some even say that our fashion and hairstyles are almost similar even though I have never used him (Jimin) as a fashion reference. I want this style,” he said.

Dolla’s interest

Asked about selecting local artists who are highly admired, Meer Nash cited the name of the band Dolla, even wanting to work with the group one day.

In Meer Nash’s eyes, Dolla is a pretty great women’s band.

“I’m not a good dancer, but I hope one day I can collaborate with Dolla.

“I think Dolla is a good band. Their music is great, and their voices are also strong,” he said.

According to the man who loves to cook, he does not expect more to be adored or admired in the industry; it is enough that his presence as a singer is acceptable, thus opening a space to share his interest in music.

“Thank you to the fans who supported the song and my presence. I will do my best for you all,” closed Meer Nash.

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