Rising positive icon Mistrot 2 girl group ‘Pastel Girls’

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The Incheon Metropolitan Office of Education (Superintendent Do Seong-hoon) received an all-heart for the team mission ‘Guests’ in Mistrot 2 and recorded 7.2 million views on YouTube. Entertainment) on June 24, Incheon City Office of Education announced that it had awarded the appointment as a student ambassador.

Appointed as student ambassadors, the Pastel Girls are Kim Soo-min (Incheon Business High School), Kang Hee-bin (Korea Jewelry High School), Jeong Soi (Myeonghwa International Tourism High School), Han-won (Incheon Seochang Middle School), Kim Do-Hyeon (National Traditional Arts Middle School), and Kim Bo-bin (Jemulpo Girls’ Middle School). ) and six people.

The youngest daughter of Bong-gon Kim in Cheonghak-dong and Kim Da-Hyeon rose to ‘Miss Trot 2 Beauty’ and her older sister’ Kim Do-Hyun, who was active as a traditional music sister, is happening as the main vocals of Pastel Girls. Following the Live Today TV ambassador activities for small business owners and middle-aged adults who are struggling with the coronavirus last time with positive energy, this time, the Incheon Metropolitan Office of Education Student Ambassador will instill courage and strength in students of the same age with the positive power of Pastel Girls. We are looking forward to meaningful activities.

Incheon Metropolitan Office of Education Superintendent Do Seong-hoon said, “As a student ambassador for the Incheon Metropolitan Office of Education, please take pride in contributing to promoting the diverse talents of our Incheon students and the Incheon Metropolitan Office of Education.

Pastel Girls leader Kim Soo-min said, “We who live in Incheon are very excited and proud to have been appointed as student ambassadors for the Incheon Metropolitan Office of Education. With pride and pride as student ambassadors in the future, we hope to positively influence Incheon students with Pastel Girls’ unique positive energy. We will work hard to promote Incheon education through various public interest campaigns.”

Pastel Girls is a girl group with a lively energy that will be loved by people of all ages, regardless of genre, such as K-pop, Korean traditional music, and nursery rhymes, as well as trot. Following the release of the soundtracks of ‘Park Song’ and ‘Children’s Songs,’ Kim Do-Hyeon, a prodigy of traditional music, joined forces to prepare a new fusion K-pop song that combines pansori and K-pop. After recording a music video, it was officially released on various music sites in July. And as they are about to debut on an official music show, they are looking forward to their future activities.

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