These 10 K-Pop Idols Naturally Exude Aegyo

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Aegyo in South Korea is mannerisms that allow a person to look cute. While most people have to force themselves to act in such a way, these ten K-pop idols exude aegyo naturally!

  1. TXT Soobin

Soobin is known as TXT’s “Shy Flower Boy” due to his pure and clear visuals and shy personality. However, it is his shy personality that makes him so naturally cute! He gets embarrassed and blushes easily, which fans agree is adorable.

  1. STAYC J

As the maknae of STAYC, J naturally is cute and affectionate towards both her members and fans. Though her low voice might make you think she’s chic and relaxed, she is a ball of fluff!

  1. THE BOYZ New

New showed off his aegyo during THE BOYZ’s pre-debut show, “THE BOYZ Flower Snack Shop,” and ever since then, he has been one of the aegyo representatives of the group.

  1. GFRIEND Yerin

Yerin may be one of the oldest members, but her youthful aura has people convinced she is the maknae in disguise! Yerin is known as GFRIEND’s “ginseng,” as she is the one who gives her members energy.

  1. NCT Mark

Though Mark is not the youngest member of the NCT groups he is in, he is often doted on by his members due to his cute and naive personality. Japanese member Yuta is known as one of Mark’s “fans,” and it’s all because of his endearing nature!

  1. IZ*ONE Jo Yuri

Jo Yuri’s husky voice may fool you into thinking she’s tough and stoic, but that is the opposite! Yuri has happy and bright energy and can make any smile thanks to her sunshine personality!

  1. MONSTA X Joohoney

MONSTA X member Joohoney’s killing point is his dimple, and he uses that to his advantage! He has no problem disarming fans with his adorable smile and dimple and occasionally uses it whenever he performs aegyo. Joohoney may look cold at first, but he is warm and caring on the inside.

  1. Lovelyz Kei

Kei has a lot of aegyo… and she knows it! She once stated in an interview that though she might appear cold at first glance, she is someone who has a lot of aegyo and takes care of people well like a mother! When she speaks, aegyo naturally slips out, which even she finds cute!

  1. BTS Jimin

Jimin is affectionate and loves showing skinship with his members, showing off his naturally cute side. Additionally, his mochi cheeks make him look adorable no matter the time nor place!

  1. Oh My Girl Hyojung

Known for her bright smiles and petite figure, Hyojung is a walking ball of aegyo! She is known for uplifting her members’ spirits whenever she can and is known as the group’s “sunflower.”

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