Universe Music X MONSTA X, new song release confirmed on the 26th

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Top Daily Reporter Choi Ji-eun = The global K-pop entertainment platform UNIVERSE has confirmed the release of a new song by MONSTA X.

On the 15th, NCsoft and Kleb announced, “MONSTA X’s new song ‘KISS OR DEATH’ will be released on July 26th at 6 pm.” In addition, on the 14th, the scheduler and cover image were released together through the universe app and official SNS.

According to the published scheduler, the universe concept photo on the 16th and the concept trailer ‘THE ONE’ on the 19th will be released. Next, the ‘Crime Scene’ version on the 21st and the ‘Time Warp’ version video teaser will be released on the 23rd, respectively, and the enthusiasm for the new song will continue.

Fans are paying attention to the cover image of the new song ‘KISS OR DEATH.’ In the published photo, Monsta X completes a classic mood with a classic suit full of sophistication and unique accessories such as a fedora, pocket chief, and pocket watch, raising curiosity about the new concept of MONSTA X.

Monsta X showed off its global box office power with the ninth mini album ‘One Of A Kind,’ released in June. In particular, the title song ‘GAMBLER’ was ranked 5th on the US Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart. All of the songs on the album occupied the top charts, proving its influence once again as an irreplaceable global trend.

Universe Music was IZ*ONE’s ‘DD-DANCE’ in January, Jo Sumi/Rain’s ‘Guardians’ in February, Park Ji-hoon’s ‘Call U Up (Feat. Lee Hi) (Prod. Primary)’ in March, April (G)I-DLE ‘Last Dance (Prod. GroovyRoom)’, May Kang Daniel ‘Outerspace (Feat. Loco)’, AB6IX ‘GEMINI,’ July CIX ‘TESSERACT (Prod. Hui, Minit)’, more Following the boyz ‘Drink It,’ MONSTA X’s ‘KISS OR DEATH’ has been confirmed for release, and attention is focused on what kind of synergy it will bring.

On the other hand, MONSTA X’s new universe music song ‘KISS OR DEATH’ will be released on various music sites at 6 pm on the 26th, and the full version of the music video will be exclusively released through the universe app.

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