‘Show Champion’ Lily Lilly explodes with unrivaled sexy charisma with ‘Barcode.’

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Lily Lily (Luce, Grita) was broadcast on the 8th in MBC M, MBC every1 ‘Show! It appeared in ‘Champion.’

Lily Lilly, who decorated the stage with her debut song ‘BARCODE’ on this day, sniped the fans’ hearts with her unique voice and singing ability as well as a trendy performance that catches the eye.

In particular, Lily Lilly left a strong impression with her uncommon charisma and stage manners. She stimulated her desire to enter the world with contrasting charms, including the perfect harmony between Luce and Grita.

Lily Lily’s debut song, ‘BARCODE,’ is a sensual sound with an addictive whistle and trap beat, and famous K-pop composers helped. In addition, it is a song full of Lily’s broad musical spectrum and personality.

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