ONF, Time Magazine’s ‘2021 Best K-Pop Album’ ‘Show your versatility.’

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ONF’s 1st full-length album’ ONF: MY NAME’ was selected as the ‘2021 Best K-Pop Album’ by Time Magazine.

According to the article ‘The Best K-Pop Songs and Albums of 2021′ published on the official website of the US weekly magazine TIME on the 8th (local time), ONF has been The first full-length album’ ONF: MY NAME’, released on May, was ranked on the ‘Best K-Pop Album.’

Time magazine said, “ONF, which has consistently released dramatic and dramatic masterpieces since their debut in 2017, released their first full-length album ‘ONF: MY NAME’ this year. It is an album that reminds us again and boldly introduces new listeners.”

In particular, introducing the songs in the album, “The playful ‘My Name Is,’ where all six members wrote the lyrics, introduces themselves through the song.” It shows the group’s versatility through heavy rap tracks based on the same EDM and heartbreaking ballads like ‘Thermometer.'”

‘ONF: MY NAME’ is an album that captures boys’ youth seeking freedom in a controlled future with ONF’s unique identity. At the same time as it was released, it was ranked first in the domestic music charts, updated the Initial Chodong sales record, and took first place on music shows since its debut. Not only that, it recorded 2nd place in overall sales for that week in New York, USA, top iTunes Top K-Pop Songs chart in the US, 1st place in iTunes Top Albums chart in 2 countries, and ranked in the top 10 in 7 countries and regions, etc. erected

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