SM ‘Connecting original content and prosumer To the era of K-Pop 2.0.’

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SM Entertainment is strengthening original content in the broadcasting and music sectors. We also carry out projects with prosumers (consumers participating in production).

SM Executive Producer Lee Soo-man presented this vision in ‘SM Congress 2021’, released on YouTube on the morning of the 29th.

SM announced a strategy to start broadcasting in earnest through ‘SM Studios’ with strengthening the original content. Earlier, on April 5, SM merged its subsidiaries Keyeast and Mystic Story, which produce dramas and entertainments under SM Studios. Kim Young-min, president of SM Studios, said, “Since SM Entertainment was founded in 1989, ‘broadcast production’ has been SM’s big dream.”

In addition, the original music video quality of SM singers such as BoA and HOT will be improved and uploaded to YouTube. This includes more than 300 music videos and sound sources.

The Prosumer Project is a plan to establish relationships with people who make videos by dancing to the songs of SM singers or playing the guitar, like the short video-based SNS platform ‘TikTok,’ to promote and support the content they create. . SM called this the ‘Pink Blood’ project. SM Co-CEO Lee Seong-soo said, “Fans who like SM content used the word ‘pink blood flows’ by applying SM’s corporate color (pink). ‘Pink Blood’ means everyone who loves and enjoys SM content.” He also declared, “We will advance the K-pop industry that the world is paying attention to, into the ‘K-pop 2.0 era’ where SM’s original contents and prosumers are together.”
SM also materialized its plan to pursue the ‘SM Culture Universe’ (SMCU), a colossal worldview that penetrates its contents.

The metaverse (Meta+Universe, virtual reality) is named ‘wilderness.’ With the recent debut of the new girl group SPA, SM has announced that it will present an integrated worldview that connects all of its singers. In this video, a music video of Kangta, NCT’s Sungchan, and Espa Winter together in ‘Wildland’ was released. Executive Producer Lee Soo-man mentioned the avatar ‘ae’ of Espa members and said, “There is talk of making a movie with Espa’s worldview in Hollywood.”

In addition, SM will also present a series of performances called ‘K-Pop Orchestra,’ where you can enjoy the flow of K-pop with an orchestra.

Executive Producer Lee Soo-man said, “In an era when the originality of the contents in the metaverse is recognized as a work of art through blockchain technology, and the value of the product is assessed, SM’s killer content accumulated over the past 27 years is increasingly becoming a valuable asset of SM. Its value will increase,” he said.

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