Poland Hosts Online K-Pop Dance Contest

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In the summer of 2021, the Korean Cultural Center in Poland will hold an online K-pop dance contest, ‘Dare to K-POP: Challenge K-POP!’ for local K-pop lovers and clubs in Poland.

This event, which will be held from July 13 to August 30, will be held online this year and last year due to COVID-19. In particular, in this year’s contest, K. Tyszkiewicz, host of the local K-pop radio program ‘Teraz K-POP! We plan to promote various programs aimed at them.

According to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, various K-pop dance enthusiasts are active in Poland. About 300 people participated in the K-pop flash mob event hosted by the Cultural Center in 2019. In last year’s competition, K-pop dance lovers of all ages from 9 to late 20s from all over Poland participated.

In response, the Cultural Center said, “By dividing the contest into two categories, the ‘Cover Dance Division’ and the ‘TikTok Challenge Division,’ we encourage the participation of various groups, from semi-professionals who want to test their skills to beginners who are new to K-pop dance. Will do it,” he said.

The online K-POP dance contest ‘Dare to K-POP: Challenge K-POP!’ will start a public competition on July 13, select a winner at the end of August, and perform on September 3 at the winner’s performance ‘Winner’s Stage (Winner’s Stage)’)’ is held.

In the ‘Winners Stage,’ 6 winning teams in 2 contests will be invited to perform and interview at ESPOT, a local online professional studio, and broadcast in real-time through the Center Kultury Koreańskiej (Centrum Kultury Koreańskiej).

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