Popular Twice, K-Pop Radar 2 weeks in a row

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Group TWICE topped the K-Pop radar chart for two weeks in a row with the new song ‘SCIENTIST.’

Twice’s new song ‘SCIENTIST’ music video generated 28.07 million views during the 47th week of K-Pop Radar’s counting period (November 14 to November 20), recording a higher number of views than the first week of release.

The music video for ‘SCIENTIST’ boasted a cumulative number of views of 52.72 million views as of the 22nd, boasting continued popularity.

According to Twice’s YouTube views by country analyzed by K-Pop Radar, Twice received about 143.71 million views in the past week.
Among them, Japan accounted for the largest share at 17.4%, followed by the Philippines at 9.7%, India at 6.2%, Korea at 5.9%, and Indonesia at 5.7%.

In response, K-Pop Radar said, “Even in the second week of its release, it had a high number of views both abroad and in Korea.”

Also, on this week’s K-Pop Radar Weekly Chart, Twice’s ‘The Feels’ music video ranked third with 10.34 million views thanks to the popularity of ‘Scientist’ and MONSTA X’s new song ‘Rush Hour’ garnered 7.1 million views. They were recorded and placed 4th.

On the other hand, in the ‘Weekly Fandom Chart’, which was established in September, Twice rose six places to 4th place on the Twitter chat, and SEVENTEEN rose four places to 5th place. On the Instagram chart, ASTRO member Cha Eunwoo climbed seven places to 9th, and on the Spotify chart, Stray Kids rose three places to 7th.

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