Composer Kim Hyung-Seok and boy group Victon are together ‘K-Pop Camp’ to be held next month

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As BTS grows into a global group, more and more teenagers dream of becoming K-pop idols. Opportunities are provided to provide these youths with intensive training from large agencies.

The Korea Vocational Development Institute and the Korean Academy of Arts announced on the 5th that ‘The K-Pop Camp’ will be held at The Gracery Hotel in Namsan Tower from the 8th to the 10th of next month.

This camp was prepared to discover and support talented K-pop artists. During the two-night, three-day camp, all participants receive intensive training from basic skills such as breathing and vocalization in vocal, rap, and dance to detailed performance practice such as song interpretation.

In addition, they will stand on the virtual audition stage after going through makeup and stage costume coordination from a large agency. If you are selected as an excellent graduate, you can even get an audition opportunity for a large agency.

Experts conduct all programs of this camp in the field of K-POP. Intensive one-on-one mentoring coaches include composer Kim Hyung-Seok, dean of the Korean Academy of Arts, PlayM’s 7-member boy group Victon, MBC’s ‘After School Excitement’ rookie development team leader top trainers working at large agencies such as YG and JYP. and personal profile and portfolio completion.

All participants who complete the training schedule will receive a camp completion certificate, a star-signed T-shirt, a 1 million won scholarship, and admission to the Korea Arts Center. Outstanding graduates will be allowed to audition for 20 large agencies, and a prize of 1 million won for 1st place, 500,000 won for 2nd place, and 300,000 won for 3rd place.

Composer Kim Hyung-Seok said, “The K-Pop Camp provides customized training with the best professors in the field of popular music to help them achieve their dreams of becoming a K-pop star. I hope that the environment of the company will become a stepping stone for being reborn as an all-around entertainer.”

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