The first time, God times! K-POP Idol Academy Variety ‘M Spotlight: in the school’ is the only highlight

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The 12-member boy group TREASURE is the first guest of the variety show “M Spotlight: in the school,” which was delivered on 7/3 (Sat.) at LAWSON LIVE STREAMING (ZAIKO). Appeared as! This show was so full of highlights. Let’s see what happened (laughs).

And don’t worry if you missed this show! Overlooked delivery will start tomorrow from 21:00 on Saturday, July 17th. Please thoroughly enjoy the cute, exciting, and excellent appearance of 12 people that can only be
seen here ♪

Explain the highlights of “M Spotlight: in the school”!

Twelve people in uniform show off the particular stage of “MY TREASURE.”

The program starts with an extraordinary life! Since the program is based on the concept of “school,” 12 people wear white cardigans and blazers, and the neck is unified with a ribbon tie. Appeared in the uniform style of twelve people and performed “MY TREASURE” with a refreshing feeling.

Next, a corner to explore the relationships between members started. Twelve challenged the game to prove that the relationship with the members who answered in the pre-questionnaire was genuine.

For example, Hart replied that his relationship with Hyunsuk was “a relationship that can be understood only by the smell.” Hence, Hart, who was blindfolded, randomly sniffed the members’ heads and played a game to hit Hyunsuk (check the program for the result). !).

There are many other exciting relationships. “A relationship that grows by helping each other” between Mashiho and John Fan. “Relationship that keeps laughing when we are together” by Jung Hwan and Jung Woo. Yoshi and Junkyu’s “Relationship that makes you laugh when you meet.” Various relationships were verified, such as Doyoung and Jaehyuk’s “relationship to heal each other’s tiredness.”

In the next corner, 12 people decided to decorate the album to be presented to Tume. A cute skirmish between Jae-hyuk and Jung-hwan broke out during that time. An exchange between Ji-hoon, obsessed with Doyoung’s “some careless behavior,” and Mashiro follows them. There were lots of such smiley scenes ♪ In

In the middle of the program, 12 people challenged the “spotlight camera” to dance while challenging the mission written on the camera! Performing “deadly dance” and “couple dance” along with the dance-pop song “I LOVE YOU” and exploding charm. Abandoning the mission from the middle, the members who dance freely are also chilling (laughs). It’s a corner with busy eyes!

At the Bingo game corner where you get snacks, four members work together to complete the cup tower, a message game where you put a picture on your back, post-it peeling, and relaying the aluminum pot using only your shoulders and neck. We carry out fun to play. The individuality of each member and the goodness of TREASURE’s teamwork were demonstrated.

And even at the end of the program, we will show off a stage that can only be seen here! The program ended with a peaceful atmosphere, with the first performance of “ORANGE,” where member Asahi wrote and composed the lyrics and Hart Hyunsuk Yoshi participated in the songs.

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