The great light of K-Pop illuminates the Japanese heat beyond the United States.

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The fever of K-pop is spreading to the world. Despite the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19), popularity is on the rise. The group ‘BTS’ heated the Japanese archipelago, this time following the US, and on the US Billboard chart, K-pop singers such as Twice took the top spot in the rankings, raising Korea’s status.

The Japanese archipelago is hot with BTS.

BTS, who made a new history in K-Pop by winning four gold medals at the ‘Billboard Music Awards (BBMA)’ in May, this time topped the Oricon Daily Album Ranking with Japan’s best album ‘BTS, THE BEST.’ occupied

According to Oricon’s latest chart on the 21st, ‘BTS, The Best’ recaptured the top of the ‘Daily Album Ranking’ with sales of 27,098 copies. ‘BTS, The Best’ broke the record for the best sales in the first week of the year (467,000 copies) based on the ‘Weekly Album Ranking’ only on the first day of the 16th (based on the date of arrival at the retailer) and went straight to No. They maintained the top spot for three days in a row, and after a short ‘breathing,’ they retook first place on the fifth day.

‘BTS, The Best’ is an album that encompasses singles and albums released by BTS in Japan for four years from 2017.

‘Film Out,’ which was re-released in April, digital single ‘Dynamite’ that has driven the disco craze since its release in August last year, original Japanese song ‘Your Eyes Tell,’ ‘Crystal Snow,’ ‘Blood Sweat Tears,’ ‘Fake Love,’ ‘Idol’ It contains a total of 23 songs, including the Japanese version of ‘Mic Drop’ and ‘ON.’ BTS is scheduled to release the single CD ‘Butter’ on the 9th of next month.

Earlier, BTS’s new song ‘Butter’ was released on May 21st and set various records. Within six days of its release, it set new documents such as the most viewed music videos on YouTube within 24 hours, the most views on video premieres, and the most views on music video premieres. Also, on the 1st, ‘Butter’ topped the Billboard’s main singles chart, ‘Hot 100’. This is the first time in 51 years since the legendary group Jackson 5 in 1970; the group topped the ‘Hot 100’ four times in the shortest time.

In the past, the names of K-pop singers often appeared on the Billboard charts. In the midst of this, K-pop’s status is rising as it enters the charts more frequently.

According to Billboard on the 20th (local time), girl group ‘TWICE’ ranked 6th on Billboard’s main album chart ‘Billboard 200’ with their new mini-album 10th mini-album ‘Taste of Love,’ their best record. Has built This is 66 steps higher than the 72nd place recorded with the 2nd regular album ‘Eyes wide open in December of last year and settled in the ‘Top 10’.

The group ‘TOMORROW X TOGETHER’ also ranked 5th on the ‘Billboard 200’ on the 19th with their 2nd full-length album ‘Chaos Chapter: Freeze’. ‘SuperM’ topped the ‘Billboard 200’ as a debut album. ‘NCT’ also entered #6 on the ‘Billboard 200’ with their 2nd full-length album. In addition, ‘Blackpink’ was listed on the US Billboard Hot 100 several times, creating the modifiers ‘first’ and ‘best’ of a K-pop girl group. ‘LOONA’ also entered the ‘Billboard 200’, the main Billboard chart, with the ‘Midnight’ album released in October last year.

As such, the global popularity of K-pop has not been able to block the barrier of Corona. Instead, it is recording a new history worldwide beyond the domestic music industry, drawing attention to the future.

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