‘Dreams never stop,’ ‘K-Pop Festival in Mongolia 2021’ held in Mongolia.

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On the 18th, the finals and awards ceremony of the ‘K-Pop Festival in Mongolia 2021’ (#never_stop) co-hosted by the Korean Embassy in Mongolia, the Korea Tourism Organization, and Mongolia’s NTV broadcasting station was aired on the NTV channel.

A total of 331 teams participated in the preliminaries for this festival, and six teams advanced to the finals and performed K-Pop songs and performances.

Due to COVID-19, the qualifiers were held online, and many young people who loved K-Pop participated.

After the performance of the six teams that made it to the finals, judging took place, and the top three teams (Grand Prize, Silver Prize, and Bronze Prize) in each of the singing and dance categories were selected as winners and received certificates and prizes.

The K-Pop Festival in Mongolia 2021 performance and awards ceremony was broadcast on the NTV channel at 7 pm on the 18th and 14:35 on the 21st and will be rebroadcast at 14:25 on the 23rd.

The co-organizer, such as the Korean embassy in Mongolia, used the slogan ‘never stop’ to mean that the dreams of young people exhausted from Corona 19 never stop. highly rated

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