This time, the story of girl groups. ‘K-Pop Generation Part 2’ released on the 16th

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Teabing’s original ‘K-Pop Generation’ (production: Patchworks/A2Z Entertainment, provided by Teabing) will release Part 2 on the 16th.

Part 2 of ‘K-Pop Generation’ deals with the stories of female artists. Boa, Sunmi, IVE, and Le Seraphim will appear and tell stories about pride, identity, and inner feelings as female artists representing K-pop that have not been easily accessible.

In another episode, Jo Kwon and Sunye, known as longtime friends, talk about how diverse the public’s views and prejudices towards K-pop exist and are being overcome.

Here, K-pop as ‘music to show’ and ‘music to watch’ is also explored. Seventeen’s Hoshi and La Chika, who lead K-pop with powerful performances, will appear, dealing with the characteristics of K-pop performances and the stories of those who create spectacular stages. The last episode will deal with the future of K-pop, which expands without limits through AI and virtual idols.

The ‘K-Pop Generation’ production team said, “In this Part 2, we want to ask more questions to the viewers.” scheduled,” he said.

Twenty-two teams and 53 K-pop artists participate in Teabing’s original documentary ‘K-Pop Generation.’ Kangta, BoA, Super Junior Leeteuk, Sunye, Sunmi, SHINee Minho, Jo Kwon, 2 PM, Highlight, EXO Suho, Mamamoo Hwasa, Seventeen Hoshi, NCT Doyoung, SF9, Stray Kids, TXT, ENHYPEN, IVE (Ive), Le Seraphim, Superkind, etc. (in order of debut) From the first generation of K-pop to the artists leading today’s K-pop, they tell the story of K-pop from various perspectives.

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