Blanky, Billboard’s ‘Next Generation K-Pop Star.’ ‘Infinite Potential’

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The group BLANK2Y is attracting attention as the next-generation K-pop rookie chosen by the music magazine Billboard.

At Billboard, a famous American music media, K-pop pop columnists Jeff Benjamin and Jessica Oak recently highlighted Blanky’s debut process and growth potential.

They introduced the skills and charm that Blanky showed through his debut song ‘Thumbs Up,’ who had built up awareness through participation in survival programs and projects even before his debut, and his extraordinary love for the fandom K2YWE. In addition, through interviews with the members, it contains musical inspiration and direction, future activities goals and plans, and a message to fans.

In addition, Blanky was selected as the cover model for the special edition of Billboard Korea Magazine. In this special edition in which Blanky participated, various charms are conveyed through cover models, individual, unit, and group pictorials, and interviews.

Blanky is the first case in which a new boy group has been selected as a cover model for Billboard Korea magazine. Previously, artists representing K-pop, such as BTS, GOT7, Seventeen, and Black Pink, and iconic stars representing each genre, such as Hire Music and Jannabi, decorated Billboard Korea Magazine cover models, so Billboard Korea is a limitless number of Blanky. He was selected as the cover model after seeing his potential and charm as a new artist who will be responsible for the next generation of K-pop.

Meanwhile, Blanky is a 9-member boy group comprising Korean, Japanese, and Chinese members such as U, DK, Sodam, Louie, Youngbin, Siwoo, Sungjun, Mikey, and Donghyuk. Their first mini album, ‘K2Y I: CONFIDENCE Thumbs Up)’ was released. He finished his domestic and international activities and is preparing an album with the goal of a comeback in August.

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