‘We are each other’s fans’ Olympic and idol stars who became ‘sacred.’

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K-pop stars are also participating in the performance of the Korean athletes participating in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The star’s support for the players is endless. Their favorite entertainers publicly support the national team players. They are rejoicing and certifying that they are ‘successful Deokhu’ (short for Oh Deok-hu, the Korean pronunciation of Japanese otaku) and ‘Sacred Deok.’

Ansan (20, Gwangju Women’s University), who recorded three archery titles, is a fan of the girl group Mamamoo and was also caught wearing a light stick badge of the girl group Mamamoo in a Gyeonggi uniform.

Mamamoo Moonbyul and Solar are on Naver NOW. Referring to this in the live show ‘Studio Moonnight,’ he said, “We will find a way to deliver concert tickets somehow.”

Cosmic Girls is also Ansan’s favorite girl group. Cosmic Girls member Eunseo commented on Ahn’s S.N.S. post saying, “It’s cool,” and Ansan said, “I am a friendship (WJSN fandom), and I also receive comments from Jooyeon (Eunseo’s real name), how can I be this holy?” revealed the shim.

The youngest player, Kim Je-deck, of the male archery representative, also became a ‘Song-deck. After the gold medal in the team event, a broadcast video in which she said she liked Choi Yoo-Jung of I.O.I. 5 years ago became a hot topic, and Choi Yoo-Jung followed Kim Je-duck’s Instagram cheered on the post with ‘likes’ and comments.

Kim Je-duk said, ‘You worked hard, Je-duk! It’s great and cool. I will always sincerely support you. Choi Yoo-Jung’s comment, “Let’s go fighting!” said, “Huh. How do you do this? I can’t seem to sleep for a few days. Thank you,’ he added a tearful emoticon. In an interview, he said, “I am a fan of Choi Yoo-Jung. Thank you so much for cheering me on while watching the Tokyo Olympics. I love you.” He blew out his hand heart.

Hwang Seon-woo (18, Seoul Chego), who broke new records in the Korean swimming world, said in an interview in November last year, “I like BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Itzy’s Yeji.” As Hwang Seon-woo stood out in this competition, this fact was communicated to Jenny and Yeji, and through S.N.S., he replied, “I will support you.” Hwang Seon-woo couldn’t hide his joy, saying, “My hands are shaking.”

Taekwondo women’s 67 kg silver medalist Dabin Lee (25, Seoul City Hall) received support from Daniel Kang. Kang Daniel added two-thumbs-up emoticons to his S.N.S. account, saying, “Congratulations to Da-bin Lee!” Dabin Lee was moved by saying, “Wow, that’s great. Kang Daniel is the best. I’m crying.”

‘Table tennis prodigy’ Shin Yu-bin received a message of support directly from B.T.S. V. Through the fan community Weverse, V commented “Fighting” on a news screen capture of Shin Yu-bin, who said, ‘I often listen to B.T.S.’ new songs, and my condition seems to improve.’

Shin Yubin has been known to be a fan of B.T.S. On the 15th of last month, he held a CD signed by B.T.S. on his Instagram and posted, “I am ‘Sacred Deok,’ thank you.”

Stars not only send their cheers with messages, but they also support the players with songs.

B.T.S. provided the music videos for ‘Butter’ and ‘Permission to Dance’ free of charge to the online Team Korea House of the Korea Sports Council. Team Korea House was operated on-site during the Olympics for national publicity and support for the national team, but it is being presented online due to Corona 19. Music videos from B.T.S., Brave Girls, Mamamoo, Oh My Girl, and ASTRO are being screened.

K-pop songs are also resounding in the stadium, adding strength to the players. In the men’s volleyball game on the 28th, E.X.O.’s ‘DON’T FIGHT THE FEELING,’ TWICE’s ‘Alcohol-Free,’ and ATEEZ’s ‘I’m The One’ back came out.

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