‘Twinkle’ ‘Snow Prince’ ‘MBC Gayo Daejejeon’ K-POP Legend Stage Summoned

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The stages of K-pop legends of ‘2021 MBC Gayo Daejejeon’ were summoned.

The ‘2021 MBC Gayo Daejejeon’ was held at the MBC Ilsan Dream Center on the afternoon of the 31st. This day’s broadcast was conducted live under 2PM’s Junho, Girls’ Generation’s Yoona Lim, and Jang Seong-gyu.

STAY Se-eun, Yoon, and Jae-Yi opened the first stage of the second part. They reinterpreted Girls’ Generation – TaeTiSeo’s ‘Twinkle.’ They appeared in golden stage costumes and completed a shining stage with explosive singing ability and point choreography.

Next, Sangyeon, Younghoon, and Hyunjae of The Boyz decorated the stage by singing Jaejoong’s ‘Let’s See the Stars.’ They turned into excited boyfriends who whispered to their girlfriends, “Let’s go see the stars,” and made the fans flutter with their sweet voices.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan & Fleece and ITZY Lia sang the movie La La Land OST ‘City of Stars’ and presented a stage like a musical. Lia led the song with her unique, beautiful voice, and Bang Chan & Flix made the song stand out even more with her charming low-pitched voice.

First Love (Children Miyeon, Kim Minju, ITZY Yeji, IVE Eugene X Wonyoung) reinterpreted f(x) ‘s ‘First Wisdom Teeth.’ They appeared in matching red checkered outfits and showed admiration as if they were a team. ASTRO took over the stage with ‘After Midnight.’ They showed off their blue and blue fashion and enjoyed the stage with their youthful appearance.

Oh, My Girl performed a ‘Dun Dun Dance’ stage arranged in a disco genre. They wore retro outfits that were different from their usual style and showed off their unique charms, drawing attention.

NCT 127 Jungwoo & Mark X SF9 Chanhee X Stray Kids Reno & Hyunjin reinterpreted SS501’s ‘Snow Prince.’ After transforming into five princes, they continued their cute confessions. Each of them has a distinct personality, and it was fun to show off their different charms.

10cm sang the recently remade deli spice ‘Confession’ calmly. Next, Joy and ‘Love at the Milky Way Cafe’ staged together. The song started freshly with Joy’s voice, and Kwon Jeong-yeol took over with a sweet voice. The two exchanged songs, boasting of their perfect chemistry, and impressed those who made the song even more lovable.

Red Velvet appeared with magnificent background music and attracted attention with its dark charm, but soon showed off their loveliness with ‘Queendom,’ giving a reversal.

In the first part, Song Ga-in, who opened the opening with the Samulnori Pavilion, reappeared in the second part wearing a neat white two-piece and performed the ‘I like the trot’ stage.

Espa reinterpreted and sang ‘Dreams Come True by SES, her senior at the agency. Those who looked like five warriors on the previous stage transformed into fairies and captured the public’s attention with their youthful and hip charms.

Stray Kids sang 2PM’s ‘On’y You.’ They arranged a song that was a summer song to give it a winter feel and keep the year-end atmosphere properly. MCs Junho, Yoona, and Jang Seong-Gyu, who watched their stage, sang along to the song to add warmth. In particular, Junho, the master of the song, even followed the choreography and supported his juniors. Stray Kids also greeted fans by saying, “Happy New Year.”

Junho said, “It’s extraordinary and exciting to see the stage of Only You, 2pm’s debut album. Even watching it from the MC seat, it was even more special,” he said, expressing his gratitude to the juniors.

The Boyz Jcom, Younghoon, Kevin, New, Sunwoo, and Eric performed Black Pink’s ‘Kill This Love’ stage. They performed powerful group dances while retaining the intensity of the original song. Stray Kids’ Singer’ stage continued. They appeared around 11:50 and performed a bell-ringing performance ahead of the bell-ringing ceremony.

YB and NCT 127 also performed a joint stage for ‘I’m a Butterfly.’ The band and idol’s novel collaboration made the fans enthusiastic, and the warm-hearted appearance of seniors and juniors made viewers laugh. Yoon Do-Hyun took control of the stage with his unique rock singing method, and the NCT members responded with explosive singing skills.

At the end of the broadcast, former performers appeared and sang Lee Han-cheol’s ‘Superstar’ together. The song started with MC Junho’s chorus, Yoona and Jang Seong-gyu. Then, the former cast sang a song together with one heart and one accord, and the last lyric, “It’s okay, it’ll be fine. It ended warmly by delivering the lyrics to the viewers, “The superstar of your own life.”

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