‘K-Food’ applauded by Thai MZ along with K-pop.

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Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs-aT promote at ‘2023 KCON Thailand’—food truck mobilization, influencer events, etc.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (Minister Jeong Hwang-geun) and Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation (President Kim Chun-jin) participated in the ‘2023 KCON Thailand (KCON 2023 THAILAND)’ held at the Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand from the 18th to the 19th, targeting the Thai MZ generation. – Promote the attractiveness of food.

‘KCON Thailand,’ held for the first time in four years since 2019, is a large-scale event where you can experience various K-cultures simultaneously, including K-pop, food, medical care, beauty, and tourism. A large number of famous idols, such as ITZY, appeared.

In response, the corporation targeted the MZ generation by setting up a ‘K-Food Consumer Experience Promotion Center’ within the venue. Under the theme of ‘K-Street Food,’ actual food trucks were placed to hold a tasting event of various street foods such as tteokbokki and gimbap. In addition, participatory games and promotional events were held with famous local influencers on various K-food topics, such as fresh strawberries and kimchi, drawing enthusiastic responses from over 24,000 visitors over two days.

In addition, by promoting Korean ramen, which is popular in Thailand, as well as kimchi and pastes sold locally, as well as snacks and beverages, K-Food raises awareness of K-food in the highly competitive Thai imported food market and expands its consumption base—focused on developing.

Mr. Som, who came from far away from Chiang Mai to participate in KCON, said, “The tteokbokki I sampled today tastes just like the one I ate on the streets in Korea,” and repeatedly shouted “Aroi Makmak (It’s so delicious).” He also said, “Besides tteokbokki, I’m very excited to try various K-foods I’ve encountered for the first time at this event.”

Export Food Director Kwon Oh-you said, “I am happy to introduce the various charms of K-food to Thai people who love Korean culture.” We will actively support it in the future,” he said.

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