Vietnam YouTube channel ‘Hello, K-POP’ is famous for Korean educational content

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There is a YouTube channel where you can quickly learn Korean through K-pop in Vietnam. More than 15,000 people a year are taking the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK), and it is expected to target the Vietnamese market, where the number of people who want to learn Korean as a hobby is constantly increasing.

Unione Communications announced on the 9th that it has opened a channel called ‘Annyeong, K-POP (Hello, K-Pop)’ to learn Korean through K-pop and experience Hallyu culture, targeting Vietnamese teenagers and teenagers. Starting from the 17th of this month, 12 contents will be uploaded, one per week.

Vietnam has adopted Korean as its first foreign language since last year. As the popularity of Korean grows as much as other foreign languages, the Vietnamese government has upgraded Korean from the second foreign language to the first foreign language since last year so that Korean can be taught as an elective from the third grade of elementary school.

In Vietnam, interest in learning Korean is high thanks to the Hallyu craze. Still, there are only opportunities to learn Korean quickly as a hobby in schools or language institutes.

Accordingly, the ‘Hello, K-POP’ channel was created so that you can learn Korean with song lyrics of famous singers in Korea, such as Jeon Somi, Treasure, and Bolbalgan4. The popularity of K-pop in Vietnam is so absolute that it surpasses that of dramas, entertainment programs, and movies. On NCT, Vietnam’s largest music streaming site, K-pop is constantly sweeping the top spots.

In ‘Hello, K-POP,’ you can interpret the meaning of the Korean lyrics while singing along to your favorite song. With the advice of Professor Dong-Ho Park of the Department of Korean at Kyunghee University, he taught Korean pronunciation that foreigners have a hard time with and provided proper Korean education through Korean grammar advice and inspection.

Le Huendran, who hosts the channel, is a Vietnamese pursuing a master’s degree in Korean language education at Inha University. In addition, he is an influencer who runs a TikTok and YouTube channel called ‘It’s Yukyung.’ Le Juandran eliminates the boredom of general foreign language education and provides insightful information about singers with a positive progression tailored to the younger generation. Above all, it is evaluated that the imprint effect is excellent because you can learn Korean while listening to the song.

Starting with Vietnam, Unione Communications plans to expand ‘Hello K-POP’ to various countries interested in Korean culture and wanting to learn Korean. “As the popularity of the Korean Wave spreads around the world, interest in Korean culture, as well as Korean, is increasing,” said Miseon Kim, head of Unione.

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