Ive Jang Won-young decided not to take the SAT this year.

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Jang Won-young, 18 years old this year and in her third year of high school, has decided not to take the SAT this year. If the editor had said this to her in high school, she would have been smashed in the back by her parents and wiped her tears at the jjimjilbang after being kicked out.

She also pondered for a long time about her entrance exam this time. She eventually decided that she would devote herself to her entertainment career as Ives. Her agency, Starship Entertainment, has stated that it will fully follow Wonyoung Jang’s opinion. She plans to adjust her schedule and whether she goes to college.

I understand. It is clear that her SAT exam is an important opportunity in her life, but Ive is a rookie less than a year after her debut and is the most popular among 4th generation girl groups. After their debut, all three albums were hugely successful, leaving a meaningful mark in the history of K-pop girl groups.

The debut single ‘Eleven’ sold a total of 407,512 copies and occupied a total of 13 crowns, including the music program Triple Crown. The second single, ‘Love Dive,’ which was subsequently released, recorded cumulative sales of 765,754 copies, setting a record exceeding that of ‘Eleven.’

This song also recorded ten gold medals on music shows. The third single, ‘After Like,’ posted cumulative sales of about 1.55 million copies. It is unusual for a new girl group to achieve a million-seller, and this time also won 14 crowns on music shows.

The three singles sold about 2.7 million copies. Ive has been the highest performing since Starship Entertainment was founded. Jang Won-young has accomplished as many things as he has passed through his poetry, metamorphosis, and strabismus. So how glamorous will her 20s be? Very little, or frankly, a little too much.

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