Yang Seul-gi, CEO of Big Moment ‘We will strengthen K-pop’s influence with global targets.’

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In the first half of this year alone, 1.73 million global users from 105 countries visited the Big Moment service.

‘BIGC Moment,’ BIGC’s artist IP business division, is a service that connects artists and fans by holding K-pop online fan concerts. In particular, its strength is that it has built a stable environment by utilizing its tech capabilities, such as live streaming based on BIC’s technology, AI host (MC), and interactive communication channels.

Subsequently, even individual artists and small and medium-sized entertainment companies are receiving attention because they can hold global events that have yet to be quickly done before and communicate with fandom.

After launching, the company held its 11th global fan concert; the last four were sold out. Fan events were held for dancer Aiki, male idol group Infinite’s Dongwoo, Victon’s Seungsik, girl group Kara’s Gyuri, and Lovelyz’s Yein. Thanks to this, 1.73 million global users from 105 countries visited in the first half of this year alone, a 400% increase compared to the second half of last year. At the same time, 78% of the live-streaming users were from overseas fandoms, and the countries with access were the United States, Japan, and Europe, in order.

In addition, Bigk took over FijinClass, which operated K-Pop online classes and artist performances, and recruited former CEO Yang Seul-gi to represent ‘Bigk Moment.’ CEO Seulgi Yang has been evaluated for successfully leading IP businesses such as entertainment and artists for many years.

In particular, it was recognized for its expertise in the global fandom business sector, including musicians. Bigk plans to speed up the advancement of its artist IP business by recruiting CEO Seulgi Yang.

Seulgi Yang, the CEO, said, “We are providing various contents that can realize the dreams of K-pop fans worldwide through the Big Moment platform.”.

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