Former Wonder Girls member SUNMI confirms solo comeback in August.

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Former K-pop band Wonder Girls member SUNMI is set to make her comeback as a solo artist in August. As per the latest reports, the singer’s agency ABYSS Company revealed that SUNMI is busy preparing her new summer album. If things go as planned, the release will eventually signal her return since the launch of her album ‘Tail’ in February. “We will announce further details,” the agency confirmed.

Meanwhile, fans of the singer took to social media to express their excitement about the same.

SUNMI has become a representative solo female singer and has effectively drawn the attention of her fans with creative songs and OST from time to time. Some of her hits that have taken over the industry include ‘Gashina,’ ‘Noir,’ ‘Siren,’ and ‘Porappibam.’

Moreover, not just the recent ones, but SUNMI ‘s debut song ’24 Hours’ back in 2014 smashed records, and since then, she has been successfully growing a large fan base worldwide as a soloist.

Interestingly, SUNMI ‘s songs tend to strike a chord with the audience because it touches upon underrated topics like – the mad chase for validation, body image, pressure on idols, and many more. Similarly, her last song, ‘Tail,’ is a dark and seductive track that focuses on the tale of a woman who comes back to take revenge after being mistreated by a man in the past.

According to the sources, SUNMI will reportedly be making an appearance in the Mnet survival program ‘Girls Planet 999’ that features female contestants who dream of debuting in an idol group. The contestants here belong to different countries like Korea, Japan, and China.

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