‘Brazil’ Enthusiasm for Japanese Artists Anime Friends at the Venue

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Latin America’s most prominent Asian pop culture event, “Anime Friends,” was held in Sao Paulo from the 13th to the 16th. Many Japanese artists, including Yumi Matsuzawa, who worked on the theme song for the popular anime “Saint Seiya,” also came to Brazil and made the local anime fans go wild. Approximately 120,000 people attended the event, celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. At the “Super Friends Spirits” held on the main stage from 1:00 pm on the 16th, Mr. Matsuzawa performed the “Saint Seiya” theme song “Chikyugi.” She sang together with the fans in attendance.

Matsuzawa made his first appearance at the event in 2006. After the performance, he told the newspaper, “While new artists are born one after another, I think it’s a miracle that I was invited to Brazil again. I can feel the strong love for Saint Seiya in Brazil.” He expressed his gratitude to his Brazilian fans.

Brazilian singer Ricardo Cruz, a member of Japan’s popular anime song group “JAM Project,” also appeared on the same stage. He performed “Seijaku no Apostle,” the theme song of the popular anime “One-Punch Man,” which he composed himself. Mr. Enrique José (24 years old) came to the event and praised Mr. Matsuzawa and Mr. Ricardo’s stage, saying, “I love Saint Seiya and One Punch Man!

The Japanese version of the song is better than the Portuguese version!” Yurika, a female violinist active mainly on the Internet, will appear in the cosplay zone. When popular anime songs such as “Gurenge” and “KICK BACK” in recent years and old anime songs such as “CHA LA HEAD CHA LA” and “Moonlight Densetsu” were performed, the audience cheered and sang along. People and people waving white penlights that match the color of YURiKA’s costume appeared.

Bruno Fernandez (27), who watched the play in front of the stage, said, “Of course, her violin playing skills, but her presence on stage is wonderful. I learned about her for the first time today, but I’m already fascinated and a big fan.” and praised.

This was YURiKA’s first visit to Brazil and her first time performing on stage. After the performance, Yurika said, “Because the violin has the image of being a sophisticated instrument, I was worried that it wouldn’t get excited and wouldn’t be accepted, but everyone in Brazil wanted to show their emotions.” I was pleased to receive such a warm welcome. I want to perform in Brazil again.”

In the K-POP area, the Japanese anime idol group “AIP (Ani Song Idol Project),” formed on June 25th, will perform. The group performed K-POP songs that are popular not only in anime songs but also in Brazil and were surrounded by hot cheers.

Julia Ito (age 18, 3rd generation) and Marina Leite, who attended the event, said, “They have just made their debut and are very charismatic. They sing well, and I think they can dance even better.” At 4:00 pm, the girl’s rock band “SCANDAL,” known for the anime “Fullmetal Alchemist,” ending song “Shunkan Sentimental,” will appear on the main stage. After that, the stage of “Flow,” which is known for the anime “Naruto” theme songs “GO!!!” and “Sign,” continued. Anison dance pioneers “Real Akiba Boys” also appeared, making the venue wild.

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