YouTuber Han Yura signs an exclusive contract with Star Place ENT.

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Broadcaster and creator Han Yura, active in Indonesia, signed an exclusive contract with Star Place ENT and heralded her full-fledged entertainment activities in Korea.

Han Yoo-Ra, who has 1.08 million subscribers, is a creator who presents content in various fields such as beauty and K-pop for Indonesian viewers through the YouTube channel ‘Han Yoo Ra.

In addition to new media activities, Han Yu-ra appeared in a famous sitcom aired on Indonesia’s most giant mobile TV ‘NET TV,’ this year’s Good Friends jointly created by NET TV and SBS, as well as through various media activities such as portable communication LOOP game exclusive model. I was communicating with the public.

Recently, he is playing a role in introducing Korean stars and his unique binggumi at MANTUL HOUSE, the original content of Tokopedia, the most extensive shopping commerce in Indonesia.

Han Yura said, “Just as I spread Korean culture in Indonesia, I want to become a broadcaster introducing Indonesian culture and creating exchanges in Korea.”

A Star Place ENT official said, “We will spare no effort to support her so that she can grow into a wider area with Han Yura. We ask for your support and love for her, who will be active through various contents and broadcasts.”

On the other hand, Star Place ENT is filled with artists in various genres, including sportscaster Lim Yong-soo, musical actor Yoon Young-Seok, vocalist Ahn Gap-Seong, and singer Ahn Sol-hee.

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