Vietnam’s new boy and girl groups, K-pop training in Korea

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The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and the Korea International Cultural Exchange Agency announced on the 20th that they would invite two Vietnamese newcomers through the ‘2021 Mutual Growth Stepping Stones’ project and conduct training to share the know-how of the Korean pop music industry.

The boy group ‘Super V’ debuted in 2018 and is a newly formed dance unit with three elite members from the existing ‘Zero 9’.

The girl group ‘O2O girl band’ is formed after the Vietnam version of Produce 101 in 2019.

After experiencing the systematic K-pop training system such as vocal, dance, stage, and image training for about 11 weeks, the two groups release 2-3 songs and produce and release music videos. The released music will be translated into Vietnamese, considering the local activities of the artists in the future.

In addition, as an experience of Korean culture, they experience the attractions, food, and culture of the drama ‘Crash Landing on You,’ which was popular in Vietnam last year, and produce promotional content.

The target country for this year’s new project, ‘2021 Stepping Stone for Shared Growth’, was Vietnam, which was selected considering the influence of Hallyu among the new southern countries and the potential for development of the local music industry.

An official from the Promotion Agency said, “Vietnam has a local music market represented by V-pop, so there are many opportunities for artists to work after training in the future.” There is a high probability that it will expand to

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