Who is the 7th Anniversary King of Mask Singer? Treasure ‘Jikjin’ reborn as Hyojin Choi’s version

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Hello, this is the video news team of Special Times, an internet media company.

This news is the 7th anniversary of the King of Mask Singer. Who is the King of Singer? This is news related to Treasure’s ‘Jikjin’ reborn as Hyojin Choi’s version.

In ‘King of Mask Singer, which will be aired on Sunday, the stage for the 4th consecutive victory challenge of ‘Little Women’, aiming for long-term reign, and the solo song battle of 4 talented masked singers will begin.

The 21-member special jury consists of ‘Legendary Diva’ Chan-Hwi So, ‘Next-Generation Ballad Empress’ Park Hye-Won, ‘Top-Trend Choreographer’ Hyo Jin-Coi, ‘Prince of Congo’ Jonathan, ‘Trot Prodigy’ Hong Jam-Eon, ‘Ex-Baseball Player’ Hee-Kwan Yoo, and ‘Basketball Star’ ‘Kim Tae-Sul, ‘Volleyball World’s Handsome Boy’ Kim Yo-han, ‘K-Pop Prospect’ Treasure Hyeon-Seok Jun-Gyu, ‘Original Voice Queen’ Aswan Min, ‘Seoul Family’ Wi Il-Cheong, ‘Musical Rising Star’ Lindsey, ‘Trot Fairy’ Yo-Yomi, and comedian Hyung-bin Yoon and boasts a more splendid lineup than ever before.

‘King of Mask Singer, which has been loved as a long-lived program for taking responsibility for the viewers’ Sunday evenings, celebrates its 7th anniversary. In the meantime, about 1,300 masked singers have competed against each other, and ‘King of Masked Singer’, which produced 59 singers, has established itself as a representative music program in Korea. Among them, Yoseob Yang of ‘Butterfly Cat’ and Seungyeon Son of ‘East Invincible’ set a great record of 8 consecutive victories and climbed to the 2nd place in the joint ranking of singers, and Hyeonu Ha, ‘Music leader’, has a record of 9 consecutive victories and is still firmly at the top of the ranking. There is. If so, there is a lot of anticipation about who will be the main character to win the honourable title of ‘7th Anniversary Singer’ this week.

In addition, on the 7th anniversary unique ‘King of Mask Singer’, ‘Nangrang 18’, who recorded five consecutive victories, Chan-Hwi So and Hye-Won Park, who played an active role as ‘Jinju’, performed a collaboration stage. Chan-hwi Soh and Hye-won Park, Korea’s representative vocalists who boast of reliable and listenable singing ability, are said to show off a set that will remain as a legend, boasting a stormy high note and singing ability. Indeed, attention is focused on what kind of particular stage the ‘high-pitched empresses’ from the King of Singers will surprise the judges and viewers.

On the other hand, a ‘historical incident’ occurs when ‘Prince of Congo’ Jonathan runs out while filming ‘King of Mask Singer’. Ahead of the mission, with a hint of a masked singer, Jonathan starts the game with strong confidence, “I think I can do it!” to be dyed. Indeed, what is the story of the ‘event’ that made Jonathan run away? And he raises the question of whether he will be able to get a clue about the masked singer by playing an active role in the game.

Tomorrow, the masked singer who stole the heart of ‘Legendary Diva’ So Chan-hwi will appear. So Chan-hwi can’t keep his mouth shut on the stage of the masked singer who covered his song. As soon as this masked singer begins the first measure, cheers erupt from the judges. In particular, Chan-hwi Soh, the ‘King of Singers with 5 Consecutive Wins’, responded with a standing ovation, saying, ‘It’s a moving stage. I want to give a hundred points on this stage today,’ he praised. As One Min also said, ‘I want this person to become the king of singers today’ and sent enthusiastic support to this masked singer. Indeed, who is the masked singer’s identity who captured the judges’ hearts, and expectations are gathering whether this masked singer who chose So Chan-who’s song will advance to the King’s Competition and threaten the ‘Little Women’.

Meanwhile, Treasure’s ‘Jikjin’ is reborn in the style of Hyojin Choi. Choreographer Hyojin Choi, who was acting as the leader of ‘Want’ in ‘Street Woman Fighter’, readily accepted the dance battle proposals of masked singers and immediately performed a high-level dance to Treasure’s ‘Jikin’ music, making the judges enthusiastic. In particular, Choi Hyun-Seok of Treasure, who went to the judging team, said, ‘I am really grateful and deeply moved. If there is an opportunity, I want to collaborate.” Indeed, it raises curiosity about what the dance stage of ‘Jikjin’ will be like, which adequately proves ‘Hyojin Choi’s class’.

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