‘AI no Iiden’ animation A former IT reporter draws ‘The near future living with AI humanoids’

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It has been decided that the sci-fi manga “AI no Iiden” by former IT news reporter and manga artist Kuri Yamada will become a TV anime. On December 8th, the official website and promotional video were released.

A work set in a society in the latter half of the 22nd century where humanoids with human rights live together. Hikaru Sudo, a doctor who treats humanoids, faces a “new disease” brought about by the coexistence of humans and AI.

The manga series has been serialized in Weekly Shonen Champion and Bessatsu Shonen Champion (Akita Shoten) since 2015. Madhouse will be in charge of producing the anime version.

The cast includes Takeo Otsuka as Sudo, Yume Miyamoto as Sudo’s assistant, and humanoid Lisa Higuchi. The broadcast schedule will be announced later.

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