First Look of New Spinoff Revealed by Attack on Titan Creator

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Hajime Isayama of Attack on Titan is collaborating on a spinoff game based on Eren Yeager’s voice-acting career alongside Yuki Kaji.

Hajime Isayama, the creator of the Attack on Titan manga series, is prepared to embark on a new endeavor, three years after the manga’s conclusion and fifteen years after it started. This time around, he’s collaborating closely with Eren Yeager’s voice actor, Yuki Kaji.

Unveiled recently on X (formerly Twitter), the @/AttackOnFans social media account revealed a preview page for Soyogi Fractal, a new spinoff manga based on Kaji’s singing avatar, Soyogi Soyogi. To mimic and modify Kaji’s voice, the character of Soyogi employs voice synthesis software like to that used by Vocaloid-based performers. Kaji’s 20 years as a voice actor were commemorated with the creation of the Soyogi Fractal project.

Creator of Attack on Titan Wants an Artist for His Upcoming Project

Isayama will not be illustrating Soyogi Fractal, but he will be supervising the story and draft. On the official website, there is a current audition for an artist to work on this project. Artists are invited to contribute their interpretations of the last act based on Isayama’s storyboards, which are accessible on the Soyogi Fractal website until April 30. According to the preview pages, Kaji’s plot will center on the character’s AI origins and the apprehension surrounding the contentious program.

Actor Eren from Attack on Titan Has Described AI Use as “Terrifying” and “Creepy”

Kaji voiced his displeasure in December about AI software being used to mimic his voice and others’ voices without permission. “I think it’s creepy, or rather, it’s terrifying that something that I didn’t sing or talk about ends up spreading around the world as if it had actually happened,” Kaji stated. While Kaiji acknowledges the allure of this artificial intelligence (AI) produced clips offering fans the “dream collaboration” they’ve always desired, he feels it is an affront to the real humans who created the characters. “Throwing them around like so-called ‘toys,’ out of selfishness, runs the risk of hurting those people’s self-esteem. It is really upsetting and careless in terms of love and respect for the art.”

This summer, Soyogi Fractal will make its debut in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine and Weekly Shonen Magazine from Kodansha. As of right now, the project is intended to be a single narrative. Crunchyroll and Hulu provide the anime series Attack on Titan. The manga is distributed in English by Kodansha USA.

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