Romantic comedy manga ‘Suki na Ko ga Forgotten Megane’ will be made into a TV animation Cast will be announced at a later date.

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It has been decided that the romantic comedy manga “My favorite child forgot glasses” will be made into a TV animation in 2023. Cast information will be announced later.

A touch of beautiful painting! The manga “My favorite child forgot my glasses” New Year illustration “My favorite child forgot my glasses” (published monthly “Gangan JOKER” published by Square Enix) has been posted from Koume Fujichika’s Twitter account since April 2018. A heart-wrenching romantic comedy manga about a natural girl who can’t help but forget her glasses and a sloppy boy who is a little behind, unfolding at “Zero Distance.”

You can’t take your eyes off the inevitable grinning situations presented each time you post and the relationship between the two that is getting closer each time, recording tens of thousands of likes each time. It is a hot topic. It’s becoming

The momentum did not stop; from December 2018, the serialization started in the monthly “Gangan JOKER” (published by Square Enix). SNS and manga attracted much attention, and finally, animation was realized.

Komura-Kun, a junior high school boy who is a little late, likes Mie-san, the girl next to him who wears glasses. “It’s fine through that thick lens. I want to look into Mr. Mie’s beautiful eyes.” While attracted to Mr. Mie, who has a mysterious charm, he spends his days without even being able to talk to him. Such Mie is a natural girl who always forgets her glasses.

She struggles to support Mr. Mie, who is in trouble, but contrary to her feelings, she is too close to Mr. Mie, who is trying hard to see something, and her heart is pounding! A girl who forgot her glasses and a muzukun innocent love comedy that begins with “zero distance” begins.

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