Jujutsu Kaisen: Chapter 259 Spoilers Hint at Nobara’s Expected Return

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Fans are buzzing about the revelations that were leaked from Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 259, especially since Aoi Todo, a favorite character whose absence since the Shibuya Incident arc left many wondering about his future relevance, is back.

This return has given the plot new momentum, as evidenced by the revival of Todo’s Boogie Woogie Cursed Technique. Even with this encouraging response, some fans are still unhappy with Kugisaki Nobara’s ongoing absence—another crucial character whose future is still up in the air.

But hints from Todo’s chat with Mei Mei in Chapter 259 indicate that Nobara’s return is not only conceivable, but quite likely.

The conversation with Todo, particularly the way he uses the word “resonance,” is really important. The phrase “resonance” alludes to a particular use of Nobara’s Cursed Technique and suggests a relationship between her powers and the ongoing story developments.

Todo’s worry about keeping things hidden from Yuji in order to keep Sukuna from learning about their plans heightens the suspense and suggests a tactic that probably makes use of Nobara’s special abilities.

Returning Nobara would be crucial, particularly in handling Sukuna. As shown earlier in the series, she has the capacity to directly target and affect souls, which could interfere with Sukuna’s sorcery.

Because of the relationship between Nobara’s skills and the current story, she must return to balance Sukuna’s impact on Yuji.

Furthermore, the possibility of Nobara’s return is strengthened by the thematic symmetry between her and Todo’s storylines. Their positions’ reversals—from Todo’s recovery in Shinjuku to Nobara’s incapacitation in Shibuya—indicate a cyclical narrative structure in Jujutsu Kaisen. This pattern not only highlights the richness of the storytelling in the series, but it also prepares the audience for Nobara’s victorious comeback to the fore.

Though theoretical, these revelations offer strong proof that Nobara will soon return, possibly in the current Shinjuku storyline. Fans can’t wait for her return because they know she might play a crucial part in changing the narrative and redistributing power.

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