‘Tom and Jerry’ 2.10 ‘Birthday’ Anime x live-action movie will be broadcast for the first time on terrestrial broadcasting.

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An animation and live-action hybrid movie “Tom and Jerry” (released in 2021) depicting Tom, a versatile but clumsy cat, and Jerry, a mouse who looks cute but is cunning and merciless, will be released on February 10 by NTV. It has been decided that the series “Friday Road Show” (every Friday at 9:00) will be broadcast for the first time on the terrestrial wave. Today is celebrated as Tom and Jerry’s birthday.

“Tom and Jerry,” which is loved worldwide for its vivid characters, first appeared on February 10, 1940, more than 80 years ago. His first short film, Puss Gets The Boot, was released in theaters and was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. The work also gained popularity, winning seven short animation awards.

The highlight of this work is that the dynamic animation, a hybrid of animation and live-action, blends well with the live-action New York City, creating a lively work. It was produced by synthesizing the animation with the live-action scene shot earlier.

The animation team has a total of 29 people. In particular, the animators are members who have been familiar with the “Tom and Jerry series” since childhood. While researching the gaps between the original animators’ gags, the total number of original drawings created is more than 25,000 points. Among the members are animators who previously worked on animated/live-action hybrid films such as “Roger Rabbit” and “SPACE JAM.”

A world-famous celebrity couple’s “wedding party of the century” will be held at a first-class hotel in New York. A particular incident occurs while the hotel is busy with preparations. Jerry, the mischievous mouse, moves into the hotel and makes a big fuss. Kayla, a new staff member, hurriedly hires the cat Tom as a boy for “mouse control,” but the two develop a fierce race that involves all of New York and even get involved in a conspiracy and ruin the wedding party. To help Kayla, who was fired because of that, the two will team up for the sake of the bride and groom.

One point worth noting is the live-action humans being swung around by the animated characters. The heroine, Keira (voiced by Inori Minase), is a woman who dreams of becoming successful in New York. Even if she fails a little at work, she behaves cheerfully and positively. Like Jerry, she can also be sly, taking her chances and getting a job at a top hotel. She struggles as brightly and powerfully as the feisty Tom and Jerry to make her wedding at the hotel a success.

Kayla’s boss and event manager Terrence (voice: Kimura Subaru). She wants to make the upcoming wedding a success and take credit for it. With troublemaker Jerry, feisty Tom, and newcomer Kayla at the helm, the wedding preparations don’t go his way. Will a miracle happen as they aim for a successful wedding together with the anime characters? The comedy duo Shimofuri Myojo and actor Marie Iitoyo appear as voice actors.

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