15th anniversary of marriage Miki Fujimoto, too accustomed to her husband Shoji’s macho appearance!? ‘SPY x FAMILY’ ‘Husband’ ‘Thin!’

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On the 20th, media personality Miki Fujimoto (38) appeared as a guest at a preview for the press of the “SPY x FAMILY Exhibition” held at the 8th-floor Event Square in Matsuya Ginza, Tokyo. Tomoharu Shoji of the comedy duo Shinagawa Shoji in his Lloyd costume wife (47) ” Mikiti” Fujimoto is currently a mother of three children.

“SPY x FAMILY” is based on a popular manga that depicts the days of the Forger family, a fake family consisting of father Lloyd, mother Yol, and daughter Anya. A big fan, Fujimoto said with a smile, “I watch (anime) with my child. My husband and I are all cute.” She said, “Everyone, including my son, has been singing ‘Anya, I love peanuts.’ In the first exhibition of the same work, the name of the first episode, analog manuscripts, setting materials, etc., will be exhibited. A reproduction corner of the stage in the work, such as the living room of the Forger family and the Eden school where Anya attends.

There is a photo spot corner where you can sit in the designer’s chair, where the Forger family sits on the cover of the comic and take a picture. Fujimoto, who went around the venue, seemed to be impressed by the character’s life-size costume and said with a smile, “Lloyd-san is thin! We have a macho family at home, and we see a large inverted triangle at home.” said in Mr. and Mrs. Shoji and Mr. Fujimoto celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary on the 18th.

In commemoration, Shoji posted two shots of Purikura on his Instagram, and the lovey-dovey is still alive. As a souvenir for her husband, Fujimoto chose a star-shaped gummy with the image of a badge Stella, which is given to students as proof of evaluation in the work. I’ll give it to you. If we get together a lot, something good will happen.” Tickets for the exhibition will be sold at Lawson Ticket with limited admissions and a “specified date and time system for all days.” In the future, we plan to travel to Osaka (August 16th to September 4th = Daimaru Umeda store 15th floor), Fukuoka (Autumn 2023 = Hakata Hankyu 8th floor), and Sapporo (Autumn 2023 = Daimaru Sapporo store 7th floor). For details, please visit the official website.

The original manga “SPY x FAMILY” by Tatsuya Endo has been serialized on the “Shonen Jump +” app since 2019. The cumulative circulation of comics has exceeded 39 million copies, and it has also been developed into anime and musicals.

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