‘Attack on Titan’ special event will be held on November 13th, a two-part system of cast talk and orchestra concert

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The special event “Attack on Titan, The Final Season SPECIAL EVENT 2022” of the TV anime “Attack on Titan” will be held on November 13th at TACHIKAWA STAGE GARDEN in Tokyo.

The event is a two-part system (tickets are sold for each part), the first part is an orchestra concert, and the second is a special talk by the cast. Part 1 “Attack on Titan The Final Season Orchestra Concert” includes KOHTA YAMAMOTO, who is in charge of the music for “Attack on Titan,” Yuko Ando (in order of the ending theme of “The Final Season Part 1”), and Ai Higuchi (“The Final Season Part 1” ending theme). Part 2 “Ending theme charge), mpi, Laco (EOW), cumi (BINJU), Hannah Grace, KAREN will appear. The first part is at noon and starts at 1:00 pm.

The second part, “Attack on Titan The Final Season Special Talk,” will bring together cast members Yuki Kaji, Yui Ishikawa, Marina Inoue, Hiro Shimono, Kisho Taniyama, Romi Park, and Ayane Sakura (moderated by Chiaki Matsuzawa announcer). .. In addition, Ando and Ai Higuchi, who is scheduled to appear in Part 1, will also appear as guest artists. The second part opens at 5:30 pm and starts at 18:30 pm.

The venue ticket is 11,000 yen for the first part (with commemorative bonus colored paper A) and 9000 yen for the second part (with commemorative bonus colored paper B / both include tax). “Attack on Titan,” The Final Season released on July 20th, Blu-ray & DVD Volume 3 (recording episodes 76-81) has Part 1, and Volume 4, released on August 17th, has priority to Part 2. An application ticket will be included (lottery if there are many applications. Preschoolers cannot enter).

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