BUMP x Tetsuro Araki ‘SPY x FAMILY’ non-credit OP video pre-release Various daily life of the Forger family

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The popular animation ” SPY×FAMILY, “which will start broadcasting on TV Tokyo and others from October 1st (every Saturday at 11:00 pm), was released on the 28th with a non-credit animation video of the 2nd cour opening.

The new song “SOUVENIR,” written by BUMP OF CHICKEN, is used as the opening theme song.

Animation director Tetsuro Araki, who directed Attack on Titan Seasons 1-3, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, and Bubble, is in charge of the storyboards and direction of the opening animation video.

It is a unique anime video that captures the various daily lives of the main characters, the master spy Lloyd, Anya, and Yol of the Forger family, the beauty of colors, the contrast between light and dark, and the emotions of the characters.

At the same time, a new artist photo of BUMP OF CHICKEN has also been released and photographed by Yoshiharu Ota. “SOUVENIR” will start being distributed on various music distribution sites from tomorrow 29th.

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