Over 100 volumes of ‘One Piece’ are ‘too many famous scenes’ !? Speaking of ‘the best episode’ that bothered readers?

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Over 100 volumes of “One Piece” are “too many famous scenes” !? Speaking of “the best episode” that bothered readers?

“ONE PIECE” is a popular manga that goes beyond national manga, and it is no exaggeration to say that it is a global manga. Eiichiro Oda serializes this work in “Weekly Shonen Jump” (Shueisha). The “Straw Hat Pirates”, led by the main character Monkey D. Luffy will go on a big adventure over the treasure “One Piece”, which is rumoured to be hidden at the world’s end by pirate king Gol D. Roger. It’s a marine adventure romance.

In July of this year, 25 years have passed since the serialization started, and the number of comics volumes has exceeded 100. Both books have exceeded 1 million copies, and the cumulative circulation worldwide is about to reach 500 million copies, which is a tremendous number.

Many celebrities profess to like “One Piece”, with works loved by men and women of all ages. This work, which boasts worldwide popularity with multiple developments such as TV animation, novels, theatrical versions, figures, apps, games, goods, etc., was Guinness as “the most published comic series by a single writer” in 2015. It became a hot topic even if it was certified.

A questionnaire survey was conducted on 200 men and women in their 20s to 40s who loved such a super popular work, “One Piece”. Let’s introduce the episode that won the TOP3.

The following content includes spoiler elements of the comic “One Piece” story. Please be careful if you haven’t read the manga or are interested.

“East Blue Edition” where encouraging friends who travel together gathered one after another

First of all, the “East Blue Edition” from the 1st to 12th volumes of the comics won 3rd place with the support of 9% of the total. The East Blue edition begins with the encounter between Luffy as a boy and Shanks of the Red Hair Pirates. It is an episode that depicts the process of becoming.

Luffy was fascinated by people who had both habits and habits, and many fans were excited about the process of becoming friends while overcoming difficulties together. From the respondents to this questionnaire, “Because the story of One Piece begins” (26 years old, female), “Sanji, Nami’s story can cry” (30 years old, male), “I was excited about the development where friends gathered one after another” (36) (Female, 49 years old), “I still can’t forget the depth of the character and the surprise of the world view when I read the manga for the first time” (49 years old, male).

In particular, the shocking development that happened to Shanks in the first episode of “One Piece” gave readers an impact that would become a narrative until later, “The impact of Shanks was amazing” (44 years old, male), “Shanks”. (Crying). I fell in love with it from the first episode … “(31-year-old female), and many fans suddenly grabbed their hearts.

The full-scale confrontation between the Four Emperors and the Whitebeard Pirates vs the Navy broke out!

With 10.5% of support, the second place was “Marinford”, drawn from volumes 56 to 61 of the comics. In this episode, in the latter half of the “Great Route (Grand Line)”, one of the great pirates “, Four Emperors”, who reigns in the so-called “New World”, “Whitebeard”, Edward Newgate and the Navy’s full-scale war are depicted. It has been.

The battle broke out when Luffy and his brother-in-law, Portgas D. Ace, a brother-in-law who fought the cup and an executive of the Whitebeard Pirates, were announced to be captured and publicly executed by the Navy. .. To help Ace, Luffy and the Whitebeard Pirates boarded Marineford, where the Marine Headquarters is located.

At this time, many forces such as the Navy’s famous, influential people, pirates with over 100 million prize money, the Seven Warlords of the Sea, and Shanks of the Red Hair Pirates participated in the war.

It seems that the development that reveals the secret of Ace’s birth was also popular, “I was impressed by the story of Ace” (24 years old, female), “Many first-time pirates appeared, and each battle was exciting” (34 years old, 34 years old. (Male), “I was impressed to see Luffy and the Whitebeard Pirates fighting with all their might to help Ace” (40-year-old female), “I was shocked by Ace’s father” (Ace’s father). Comments such as (27 years old, male) have been received.

The spectacular ending of this war also shocked readers, such as “Ace’s death is unforgettable” (35 years old, male), “I never thought Ace would die” (47 years old, male), etc., Was full of comments mourning the death of Ace.

The enemy is a vast secret criminal organization! “Alabasta” devoted himself to the battle to save the country for his friends.

And with the overwhelming support of 27%, the one that won first place was the “Alabasta edition” drawn in volumes 17 to 23 of the comics. It is an episode that depicts the battle with Baroque Works. This secret criminal organization aims to take over the kingdom of Alabasta, the hometown of Nefertari Vivi, a princess who became a temporary companion to Luffy and others.

The boss of Baroque Works, who despised the king’s name with a cunning trap and supported the rebels from behind, is a crocodile, one of the pirates “King Shichibukai”, officially recognized by the world government. It was a hot development in which only six Straw Hat Pirates and Bibi challenged the huge organization Baroque Works led by the overwhelmingly superior pirate Crocodile.

From the respondents, “It was interesting that each of the crew played a deadly battle” (25 years old, male), “The story development was speedy, and the characters were attractive” (47 years old, male), “Straw Hat Pirates” Comments such as “Episode that felt the bond of the gang” (37 years old, female) and “The element like spy action with a dark organization was good” (32 years old, male) were received.

In this Alabasta edition, Bibi, one of the most popular in “One Piece”, and Mr.2 Bon Clay, a popular hidden character, will appear first. “Because I like Bibi. Bibi is the best!” (27 years old, female), “I was impressed by the scene of friendship and parting with Bibi” (34 years old, male), “I like Bon-chan because it is interesting” (39 years old, female) The votes from the character pushers was also conspicuous.

There are many episodes in “One Piece”, with more than 100 volumes published, and many readers will find it challenging to narrow down to one. The ranking results of 4th place and below seemed to melee entirely, so if you say “I didn’t have my favourite episode” or “I’m worried about other rankings”, please check that explanation.

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