4 Japanese animations are planned to be made into live-action movies in Hollywood! Investigate voices of expectation and anxiety

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Can Hollywood realize a unique worldview?

The news of the popular anime “Live-action decision!” Attracts a great deal of attention among fans, for better or worse. This is because many people find it difficult to reproduce the work’s unique worldview and attractive character modelling in three dimensions.

However, when I heard that Hollywood was the one who worked on live-action works, it was not uncommon for people to say, “Isn’t it possible in Hollywood?” And “I can expect the cast.”

In this article, we will introduce Japanese anime works reported to be live-action in Hollywood.

Who will play Saitama, the strongest hero? “One Punch Man”

“One Punch Man” depicts the activities of Saitama, the strongest hero of the standard heat system, who can defeat any opponent with “One Punch”. Information on the Hollywood live-action film was announced on Twitter in 2020 by the original author, ONE. It will be produced by Sony Pictures and written by Scott Rosenberg & Jeff Pinkner, the scriptwriters of “Venom”. The cast and release date are still undecided, and a follow-up report is awaited.

Among the fans who knew about the live-action film, the cast expectation to play Saitama of the skinhead was incandescent. “This is Jason Statham’s choice.” “Isn’t it surprisingly Viking Kotoge?” He is wondering who will play the unique heroes, including Saitama.

“Attack on Titan” was made into a live-action film in Japan.

The live-action version of “Attack on Titan” was released in Japan as a two-part work before and after in 2015. It is said that it was difficult for the original author, Hajime Isayama, to be involved in the production himself and put the characters’ names and worldviews into live-action on the scale of a Japanese movie.

However, the director of the Hollywood version of “Attack on Titan” said, “When you see IT/it” it “, it’s over. Andy Muschietti, who worked on this, has many positive reactions both domestically and internationally, saying, “I was worried, but I want to see it!”

Among such fans, the cast prediction of the Hollywood version of “Attack on Titan” has begun, and it seems that expectations are high for the battle with the giant expressed in Hollywood’s full-scale CG.

Are there fans who are worried about the live-action of Hollywood in the trauma development?

Can the trauma development be made into a live-action film? “Made in Abyss”

The live-action announcement of “Made in Abyss” depicts the adventures of a giant vertical hole whose bottom is invisible and whose depth is unknown, a girl who challenges Abyss, a robot in the shape of Rico and a boy. A leg is a big shock all over the world. Has happened.

The reason is that “Made in Abyss” is a work with many traumatic developments that cannot be imagined from the cute design. While fans have many anxieties, there are also positive reactions to the live-action film, such as “Isn’t it possible to make that world view a live-action film?” And “Nanachi seems to be popular overseas.”

“Your name is a big hit in Japan. 』Are there a lot of worries about the live-action version?

One of Makoto Shinkai’s masterpieces, “Your Name. It is a big hit in Japan and is second only to “Spirited Away” in its historical box office revenue. Such “Your name. It was announced in 2017, a year after the original version was released, as a live-action remake in Hollywood. Director Shinkai’s Twitter account also received replies such as “It’s a little non-Japanese to play …” “I’m against it,” and tweeted that the director himself was surprised.

Also, from the information that JJ Abrams, who has a strong impression of “Armageddon”, is in charge of the producer, tweets that imagine the development, such as “Let’s destroy the meteorite”, were conspicuous. In addition, after the announcement, the director dropped out multiple times, and there were voices worried that the follow-up report would not come out quickly. Marc Webb, director of The Amazing Spider-Man, and Lee Isaac Chung, director of Minari, have gone down, but let’s wait for more information on who will pick up the megaphone.

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