Characters who overcame the ‘discomfort’ of changing voice actors ‘My husband was also against it.’

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My relatives are also very opposed to Doraemon’s new voice actor, who was “worried” in Japan.

In Japan, the anime powerhouse, the change of voice actors for popular characters is big news. However, the hurdles are endless, especially when it comes to changing characters that have been in charge of the voice actors who have been for many years. Let’s look at some representative voice actor change plays that successfully overcame these high hurdles and pressure from the public.

In the history of anime in the last ten years, the most shocking thing in the world was the regular team of 2005, ” Doraemon ” (original: Fujiko F. Fujio ). It will be a replacement.

It was also widely reported in the news. In particular, the voice of Nobuyo Oyama, who was in charge of the voice of Doraemon, is so unique that who will be the next voice actor? All over Japan watched with bated breath to see what kind of voice the new Doraemon would have. You know the results. Wasabi Mizuta took on the heavy responsibility, but at first, as expected, there was much public criticism.

Even if this is already fate, what surprised Mizuta most was the reaction of her husband, who is her family. When she took over the role of “Doraemon,” her husband, a big fan of Fujiko F. Fujio, told her, “Now is the time to quit.” Surprisingly, even her relatives were against it… Well, 17 years have passed since the replacement. Nevertheless, people up to the age of college students are watching “Wasabi Dora.”

At first, Mizuta was afraid, “When will I be fired?” It is. Subaru Kimura, the role of Gian in the anime “Doraemon” The breakthrough of Mr. is impressive. When he took over the part of Gian from Kazuya Tatekabe, he was 14 years old. He successfully pushes away the voices of anxiety from the public and sings the famous song “Ore wa Gian-same!” In addition, Tatekabe was thinking of drinking with someone who would take over the role of Gian, but Kimura was still a minor at the time of the decision, so it didn’t happen.

It was finally realized in 2014 after Mr. Kimura came of age. “I’m sorry to have kept you are waiting,” he said with tears in his toast. “Voice actor change drama” is precisely a drama.

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