A beautiful cosplayer Uncle Sumire’s radio program has started and passed through the ‘super difficult’ examination ‘surprise.’

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Uncle Sumire (Sumire Shika), a beautiful cosplayer, will be on the voice platform “Voicy” on the radio program “Uncle Sumire’s Ima Season Radio” (Wednesdays 6:50-7:00, Sundays 7:50-8:00). It was found on the 22nd that the

3rd place at the Chinese martial arts tournament! Uncle Sumire relaxes his expression with a medal in his hand. “Voicy” is a voice platform, also known as a voice blog, and is known for having programs by

Businessman Takafumi Horie and comedy duo King Kong Akihiro Nishino. About 3.5% of the nearly 1,000 applicants each month are selected as personalities with programs. Uncle Sumire, who passed the “super difficult” examination, said, “I was surprised because I hadn’t heard anything about “Voicy” until last week. The manager had applied for a personality audition before I knew it… I’m not very good at speaking, but I’m thinking of delivering seasonal topics in my relaxed way.” is.

According to the people involved, she is highly accomplished in cosplay, and clients positively evaluate her for her severe and flexible response. In the program, we will mainly transmit seasonal topics and subculture content such as manga, games, and animation that we are passionate about. Uncle Sumire said, “In my case, I sometimes hear stories about games and anime from 10 years ago that suddenly transcend time and space and are hot. Ah, my favorite animes are ‘Mashurambo’ and ‘Serial experiments lain.”!” he appealed with a smile.

The first delivery will be on the 23rd, and the broadcast is scheduled for about 10 minutes from 7:50 because it is a public holiday. (Various News, Kazuki Matsuda)

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