Kiyoyuki Yanada passes away ‘SLAM DUNK’ co-star Ryotaro Okiayu mourns Toru Furuya, Rika Matsumoto, Yukanamo

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Voice actor Kiyoyuki Yanada, known for playing Takenori Akagi in the  popular anime ” SLAM DUNK, “passed away on the 21st, voice actor Mitsuaki Madono, who was close to him, announced on his Twitter.

In response, the voice actors who co-starred with Yanada mourned on their own Twitter. Yanada was born on May 10, 1965. He is from Tokyo. He made his debut in the anime “Batsu & Terry.” Besides Akagi, ” Detective Conan “‘ by Andre Camel, ‘Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion series by Andreas Darlton, ‘Mobile Suit Gundam F91’ by Sabine Shall, and ‘Zettai Muteki Raijin-oh’ by Shuntaro Shinoda. In addition to anime, she has also worked as a voice actress in games such as Taka Arashi in “Virtua Fighter.”

Ryotaro Okiayu, who co-starred as Hisashi Mitsui in “SLAM DUNK,” said, “Oh, I can’t stop crying, so I’m going to drink a little and go home. It’s too early.” “In the ‘Iron Leaguer’ audio commentary I recorded the other day, I was just about to touch on Gold Arm (cv Kiyoyuki Yanada). I was talking about wanting to see the G3 brothers’ commentary and stage. I have a name in the script I have at hand. It’s hard,” he said.

The sense of distance in my heart. It had a significant influence on my role-making. There are many other things. Thank you very much. I will never forget it.” Toru Furuya, who plays the role of Toru Amuro in “Detective Conan,” said, “I can’t believe it. It’s a shock. I can imagine that he was quiet and shy and worked hard. His unique voice is a big loss for the industry.” I regretted it. Rika Matsumoto, who co-starred in “Pokémon” as Hitoshi Hinata and Satoshi in “Raijin-Oh,” said, “Yanda-Kun. Na” A hot and honest person who always pushed my back bluntly. A good friend has left.

We pray for the souls from the bottom of my heart. I hear Raijin-Oh, the work I met you, “Kora! Jin~!” “Code Geass” CC Yukana, who plays the role of (Shitsu), said, “Kiyoyuki Yanada-san, in the first work I was entrusted with the lead role, I played the character I admired. Thank you very much for your support.” Many other voice actors posted tweets in response to Maden’s tweets. She mourned her death. (Yorozu News Editorial Department)

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