A boyfriend suddenly holds his head while watching a robot anime. After that, she can’t help but laugh at the ‘surprise remark.’

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My boyfriend suddenly started holding his head while watching a robot anime… After that, his “surprise remarks” received reactions such as “professional point of view.”

The topic of “surprising remarks” by a boyfriend holding his head is an episode with Hina Toba (@nendaishi) ‘s boyfriend. One day, she was watching a robot anime with her boyfriend. Then, in a place that wasn’t particularly exciting, she said that her boyfriend suddenly began to hold his head. And she said, “If there were a protrusion in such a place, the moving parts would be severely restricted!” The poster posted this episode on Twitter.

Responses from people who saw the tweets such as “So cute,” “Professional point of view,” “Amazingly, everything can be researched,” “It looks like a scientist in anime,” and “It looks like it’s fun to watch while tsukkomi” was received. More than 30,000 “likes” were recorded (* data at 16:00 on January 20).

The news program “ABEMA Hills” interviewed the contributor. About her boyfriend, “I thought it was interesting that this person’s world revolves around engineering and that he sees things completely differently than I do! I want him to take care of that kind of perspective.’ he commented. Regarding the reaction, he revealed, “I’m proud of my boyfriend’s cuteness in this post!” (From “ABEMA Hills”)

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