The second phase of ‘Princess Connect! Re: Dive’ will be released from January next year, including PV and cast.

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The key visuals for the TV anime “Princess Connect! Re: Dive Season 2”, the first PV, the cast, and staff have been unveiled. It was also announced that the broadcast would start in January 2022.

Key visuals include Pecoline, Kokkoro, Cal, and Yuuki’s “Gourmet Hall” members. The first PV recorded the daily life and action scenes of “Gourmet Hall.” Following the first term, Pecoline is M.A.O., Kokkoro is Miku Ito, Cal is Rika Tachibana, and Yuuki is Atsushi Abe… Animation production will continue to be handled by Cygames Pictures. In addition, Takaomi Kanyasaki, the director in the first term, will be the general director and series composition. Comments arrived from the cast and five people from Kanazaki.

The TV anime “Princess Connect! Re: Dive” based on the game of the same name from Cygames is by Yuuki, a boy with memory loss, Kokkoro as a guide, Pecoline, a beautiful girl swordsman who is always hungry, and Cal, a magical girl with cat ears.

A story about the adventures of the guild “Gourmet Hall.” The first rebroadcast will be on TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting from 6:30 on October 2, TOKYO MX from 23:00 on October 5, and BS11 from 23:30 on October 5. M ・ A ・ O (role of Pecoline) Comment Finally, the anime’s second season will be broadcast! That’s why I’m pleased!! While remembering the princesses who showed many attractive expressions unique to anime last time, what kind of story will this time be, and what kind of princesses can I meet newly? I’m excited from now on.

I would be grateful if you could continue to watch the bonds of [Gourmet Hall] and the growth of each character. Nice to meet you! Comment by Miku Ito (role of Kokkoro) In the first phase, the “search for delicious food” at [Gourmet Hall] was fun and exciting every week, and my stomach became fluffy! The excitement will not stop in the second term, and I think stories will follow the story’s core. I hope you can look forward to the second season when the power of Pekopeko and the coolness of [Gourmet Hall] have improved! There are plenty of cute princesses who can laugh at you!

Comment by Rika Tachibana (role of Cal) Thank you to everyone looking forward to the announcement of the second term! I think there are still many princesses who want to watch anime. I would like you to enjoy who will appear and how it will appear, along with the comfortable everyday life unique to anime! Our cast is also excited about dubbing every time, so I would like to make it a fun work delivered to those who did not know Price R before. And how many times will Cal scream (laughs)? Please look forward to the broadcast a little more!

Comment by Atsushi Abe (role of Yuuki) Finally, the anime’s second season is “Princess Connect! Re: Dive”! [Gourmet Hall] has a slapstick daily life and a severe development, so I’m sure you won’t get bored. Please look forward to it!

Comment by Kanyasaki Takaomi The anime “Princess Connect! Re: Dive” has begun to walk with [Gourmet Hall]. As with the first term, we are working hard to improve the second term with the excellent staff and new staff members. Please expect to have fun and wait.

TV animation “Princess Connect! Re: Dive Season 2” will start broadcasting in January 2022 * Broadcast time is subject to change without notice. □ Staff Original: Cygames General Director / Series Composition: Takaomi Kanazaki Director: Yasuo Iwamoto Character Design: Mai Watanabe, Yasuyuki Noda, Satomi Kurita, Retsu Shun Yang Music: Imagine Animation Production: CygamesPictures □ Cast Pecoline: MAO Kokkoro: Miku Ito Cal: Rika Tachibana Yuki: Atsushi Abe (c) Animation “Princess Connect! Re: Dive” Production Committee (c) Cygames, Inc.

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