‘Movie Pretty Cure All Stars F’ is about to be released! Introducing ‘three reasons’ why expectations are high

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The latest movie version of the anime “Pretty Cure” series “Movie Pretty Cure All Stars F” will be released on September 15th. In this work commemorating the 20th anniversary of Pretty Cure, a story is drawn in a mysterious world where all Pretty Cures gather together and are scattered apart. Each of them will unite with the newly met friends in a different place, aim for the castle, which is the only clue, and unfold the “exciting and exciting adventure.” With the release coming soon, this article will focus on three reasons why this work continues to attract attention.

1) Most ever! A large gathering of 78 Pretty Cures from all TV series. PrecureIt’s been five years since Futari wa Pretty Cure All Stars Memories. It is also the 20th anniversary year of Pretty Cure, and this work will be the revival of the long-awaited festival movie. Still, the number of Pretty Cures, 55 then, has increased by nearly 1.5 times to 78 and has been dramatically scaled up.

Before the movie’s release, it was a big topic when theater banners that gathered all Pretty Cures for the first time in the series were posted at theaters nationwide. Even on SNS, many voices exist, such as “I’ve seen it since the first generation, but it’s grown so much!” “The all-star feeling is amazing!” I wonder what kind of success he will show when he appears like this.

Excitement and anticipation have already been voiced for this work, bringing together the Pretty Cure All-Stars for the first time in five years. 2) Only seen in this work! The extravagant “dream team” is a big success. Another must-see is the success of the “dream team,” in which Pretty Cures join hands to go on adventures across the series’ boundaries.

In this work, the Pretty Cures who have fallen apart meet new friends, deepen their ties in an exciting experience and sometimes join forces to engage in hot battles. The success of the super-luxury dream team that can only be seen in the movie is one of the great attractions of this work. Here again, let’s take a look at the four main teams.

In addition, in a new movie, the original character, “Cure Supreme (Prim),” the most fantastic and mysterious atmosphere among Pretty Cure so far, will appear. In addition, Puka, a cute and attractive character who only talks to Pukapuka but can’t take her eyes off of it because of her timid appearance, is also added. So, how will the Pretty Cure adventure go? Expectations for the unpredictable story keep growing. * Cure Sky / Sora Harewatar (“Expanding sky! “PreCure “) *Cure Precious/Yui Kazumi & Kome Kome (“Delicious Party PreCure”) *Cure Summer/Manatsu Natsumi (“Tropical ~Ju! PreCure “) *Cure Supreme/Prim (movie original character) *Cure Prism/Mashiro Nijigaoka (“Hirogaru Sky! PreCure”) *Cure Finale/Kasai Amane (“Delicious Party PreCure”) *Cure La Mer/Lola (“Tropical ~ Ju! PreCure”) *Cure Grace/Nodoka Hanadera& Labyrinth (“Healin’ Good Pretty Cure”) *Puka (movie original character) *Cure Wing/Tsubasa Yuunagi & Princess El (“Hirogaru Sky! Pretty Cure”) *Cure Anju/Saaya Yakushiji (“HUG And! Pretty Cure”) * Cure Felice/Hanaumi Kotoha (“Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure!”) * Cure Flora/Haruka Haruno (“Go! Princess Pretty Cure”) Pretty Cure”) * Cure Earth/Furin Asumi & Latte (“Healing Good Pretty Cure”) * Cure Milky/Hagoromo Lala (“Star Twinkle Pretty Cure”) * Cure Macaron/Yukari Kotozume (“Kirakira☆Pretty Cure a la Mode”) 3 ) After four years, you can support Pretty Cure with the long-awaited “Resurrection! I’ll be back for the first time in years.

The Miracle Lights distributed to junior high school students and younger can be used to cheer on the Pretty Cures and send power through the screen and experience as if they were a part of the story. It is a support item you can enjoy even if you are not.

This time, for the first time in the history of Miracle Light, two types of pink and blue will be randomly distributed (limited to 700,000 nationwide, distributed only to junior high school students and younger). “Resurrection! Miracle Light” will appear in an essential scene in the main story.

In addition, a limited number of “Resurrection! Miracle Light Special” will be sold at the theater. I would love for adults to get their hands on it and enjoy it at the movie theater. The movie “Pretty Cure All Stars F,” attracting much attention, will be released on September 15th. I want to attend this work’s unique movie theater experience, which will be released in the commemorative year of PreCure’s 20th anniversary.

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