A special report showing the magical country of the theatrical animation ‘Rakudai Witch’ based on the popular children’s book

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A special video of the theatrical animation ” Rakudai Witch,” released in the spring of 2023, was shown.

This is the 15th-anniversary work of the children’s book series of the same name (published by Poplar Publishing), which has a cumulative circulation of over 1.6 million copies. Set in a magical land, Fuka, an apprentice witch, experiences her first love while having a great adventure with her friends at the magic school. Takayuki Hamana will be the director, and Production IG will be in charge of animation production.

In the particular newsletter, along with the telop “15 years from the first volume of the original-the long-awaited theatrical animation!”, Character design and background art of the magical country are reflected against the background of music that seems to be accompanied by the play.

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